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MM IV - 6:40PM

Okay, we're five movies in now and it's going nicely. Everything has played well so far, people are happy and fed (thanks, Sarah!), and our A/V material is wicked. Jorge is rocking some real time updates, videos and all. We're running pretty late at the moment, but I can slash some time off the dinner break and put us back on track. Death Race 2000 was so good I almost want to start every Movie Marathon with it. Butch and Sundance went... well. I was on the go for most of it, but it seemed to me that once the boys got to Bolivia, it got a bit long for people. Lifeboat: universally enjoyed by all those who remained conscious. The Iron Giant: we laughed, we cried; it became a part of us. Now we're into the highly profane (but no less awesome) Glengarry Glen Ross. Only slightly less profane than Glen and Gary and Glen and Ross.


Anonymous said…
I feel like I need an attendance list. Who all is there this year?
Dave said…
We've currently got me, Sarah, Jorge, Isha, Joe, Cathy, Rebecca, Chris, and Shelley. Mark, Tania, and Lorna have retired.
Anonymous said…
Glengarry Glen Ross is also the non-porn version of "Glen and Gary Suck Ross's Meaty Cock" which we should totally watch next time.
Anonymous said…
Glengarry Glen Ross really opened up our potty-mouth filters.

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