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World Partnership Walk

(Warning: you might be shocked to read something on this site that’s not driven entirely by my constant self-involvement. Bear with me, though; it’s worth it.) On Sunday June 7th, we (Sarah, Yours Truly, and to a lesser degree, Teddy) are participating in the World Partnership Walk . The Walk is in support of The Aga Khan Foundation —a non-profit social development organization that focuses on addressing the root causes of poverty in Eastern African and South and Central Asia. The Foundation is active in some of the poorest places in the world, undertaking initiatives that increase access to education, provide financial support to foster entrepreneurship, and ensure the sustainability of resources in remote, rural areas. It’s a non-denominational organization with a special interest in enhancing the role of women in all of its programs. The World Partnership Walk is in its 25th year, and has raised over $45 million for the Foundation. Further still, the money raised by the Foundat