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Sarah has such an excellent laugh.  It's the same way people laugh in comic books: "Ha ha ha!  Hee hee hee!  Ho ho ho!"  To see it written down, yeah, it looks ridiculous, but it's a warm, natural thing to hear - and it's one of my favourite sounds in the world.  We've been with one another for about a hundred years now.  She's heard all of my stories.  She's heard all of my jokes.  At this point I'm just putting different spins on the same tired material.  She'll give a polite laugh when it's something she's heard a dozen times, but on those rarer instances when I surprise her with something original and she really laughs, oh man. I love it so much.  No one else's laugh sounds like that: not her parents, and not our kids.  Our kids have inherited my laugh, I think. It's guttural, with more consonants than vowels: "Huhn, huhn, huhn."  Don't get me wrong.  They're sweet and I love them to bits, but they lau