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More Movie Marathon

Alright, we have a date: January 13th, 2007 . Same venue as last year (Scotiabank Place won’t sponsor us after all, those bastards), and same time as last year (10am – 10am). Now it’s on to movie selection. For those of you that are new to this, this will be a two-step process. First, I’d like to gather any and all movie recommendations. If you’ve already submitted something then I’ve probably noted it, but feel free to check against the list below. Get any additional movie suggestions back to me before midnight on Sunday, November 26th. After that, I’ll circulate the master list in spreadsheet form and ask everyone to rank each selection. When those results are in, I’ll do a little formula magic and see what’s popular. That said, this isn’t a democracy. I’ll take the group rankings under advisement, but at heart I remain a cruel and petty dictator. And now: the current list. This includes anything that’s been suggested to date, along with the movies that didn’t quite mak

More on Death Cab

There’s something about listening to Death Cab that makes me want to write. There are some folks out there—writers, friends of mine—that are just brimming with ideas. I’m not like that. I’ve written exactly one story in the past five years, and in part that’s because I don’t make the time to write, but largely that’s because I don’t have ideas burning away in my brain. More than reading, more than watching movies or television, more than real life, I’m inspired to write when I listen to music. I don’t know why. Back in University, I wrote a novel based largely upon the song City Full of Cowards (which, if you haven’t already read, you’ll never read). It’s not god-awful; certainly it’s better near the end than at the beginning, but I could never be bothered to go back and make it good enough to show anybody. It’s also baldly autobiographic in parts. But back to the point, there’s something about Death Cab’s lyrics that give me an itch to write a story. And it’s not in the poe

And while I'm on the subject of apologies...

Courtney , I want you to know that I've been keeping up with your blog, but this Windows Live phenomenon is new and mysterious, and more importantly — I can't access it from work. Which is why I haven't commented in about seven years. You continue to have the cutest kid, the most impressive dance card, the busiest schedule, and the greatest album of camera-at-arm's-length self portraits of all the people I know. Cheers, Dave P.S. Spaces is the devil.

A Jerk Twice Over

How could I have written that post about BlogHurl and not mentioned Beth ? First off, it was a goddamn travesty that we bloghurlers couldn't raise the funds to fly Beth -- the heart and soul, nay, the patron saint of Wasted Time -- over to party with us. Next, when she called us that day and the phone was eventually handed to me, I was all, "Hey whassappening? Huh? WHAT? I CAN'T REALLY HEAR YOU. WE'RE IN A BAR RIGHT NOW. WHAT? YEAH. I DUNNO. WHO? All's I know is that they have these really chewy pretzels here and haughn mestapha gond lee murmble FIVE DOLLARS?!? Anywho, I don't really know who you are so I'll catch you on the flip side, sucka!" Then I hung up. Beth, please tell me the phone reached Kris before I got a hold of it. I'm pretty sure I didn't, so I'm pretty sure I'm a dick. Sarah also wants you to know that her cell phone died during the evening, so there was no call when we were even drunker. Also, none of

One bourbon, one scotch, twenty-eight beer

BlogHurl. Whew. I’m okay now. The last vestiges of hangover, body fatigue, and gastrointestinal distress have faded away. But because I’m just that rock and roll, I’m having a drink right now as I write this. I won’t recount what exactly we nt down at BlogHurl 06 . Because the details are fuzzy? Because our lawyers said it's best not t o talk about it until after the trail? Because I’m a lazy arse? All of these things are true. Instead, I offer a few pictures and a few personal messages. Kris - You are all kinds of awesome. Exactly what I expected; exactly what I hoped. We’re going to come visit you, and then we might never leave. I'll sleep in your tub, Sarah can fit under the sink. Who makes a better pillow: Bug or Cricket? Mike – Good to see you again. Thanks for being the only one with enough wherewithal to actual put something up at Wasted Time last night . Nobody barfed, but you ensured that our event was at least partly fai

Movie Marathon 2007

Okay, consider this your invitation to this year’s twenty-four hour movie marathon. For the record, there are no personal invitations being extended. I am personally inviting no one, but impersonally inviting everyone. Make sense? Good. With the exception of Anonymous in Texas, I know everyone who stops by here, and if I know you, you're invited. If I don't know you, you're probably still invited, but maybe we should have a couple of dates on messenger first. We can brb, and lol, maybe even fotfl; it'll be good times. Step one for Movie Marathon registration: let me know that you want to come, either in the comments or in a private e-mail. This shindig will be held on a Saturday in January, and that date depends on everyone's overall availability. So, let me know you're coming, and let me know which weekends in January are best for you. Movie nerdery is at your doorstep.