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Eleven Months

Of late, the changes in Teddy seem to come on a daily basis. He’s broken out so many new skills, and it’s like they’ve al l come at once. We’ll start with the big one: walking. First steps came over three weeks ago: he was holding onto the couch and then he turned towards Sarah and took three little steps before falling over. Before Christmas, we were able to coax him into walking back and forth between the two of us (as long as we were no more then two feet apart). In Georgetown, on the last day before we came back home, he really started perfecting it; fifteen to twenty steps at a go. Then yesterday, he performed a few turns and started catching himself with his hands when he fell forward (much preferable to the ‘I’ve just been cut down by a lumberjack,’ face-first plummet). He’s had his first words too, as Sarah reported here and here . ‘Uh-oh’ is the most reliable one, followed by “Dad Dad Dad” – although you really can’t get him to say that one back to you (and it’s not totally c