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I should add...

... that two people were instrumental in my joining Twitter. First, Isha . She sent out an article on it when the application was still brand new. (And I remember thinking, "Screw that noise. Like I need more online commitments.) Second was Rebecca . She joined up just a short while ago, claiming she hadn't met a bandwidth she didn't like . (And then she disappeared entirely from the internets .) It looked nice and pretty over there on her sidebar, and then I got a little jealous. The rest: history. And for those unobservant among you ( Jorge ), the Twitter feed is right there on my sidebar, replacing the old Radio 3 player that I loved, but that I think scared the bejezus out of a lot of people. Also, everyone should join Twitter. I'm needing some diversions , people.

Watch me tweet

You know and I know that I've got no business signing up for any additional blog-y, social network-y, Hey-look-at-me! type web applications, but screw you guys because I've done it anyways . I really resisted Twitter when it first came out because it just seemed like blogging lite, but I've since seen it used well by a few people and was inspired to jump on board. I've found the prospect of writing big weighty entries a bit fatiguing lately, so the ability to dash off just a quick sentence or two is looking pretty sexy to me. At least for the next short while, expect my online efforts to be spent thusly: Twitter - 65%, Blogger - 34.5%, Facebook - 0.5%. Sorry, Facebook--it's not me, it's you.

This and that

Last Friday was World Trivia Night , which is a fundraiser for the Champions for Children Foundation, held annually at Landsdown Park. Format in past years has been similar to the trivia we used to do at the Barley Mow back in the day—not coincidentally as it’s written by the same trivia mastermind. This was our first year playing (Isha’s second), and our team—Los Pedanticos—ended up in a four-way tie for nineteenth place. Adding up all the ties, we came in around sixtieth overall, which isn't so shabby seeing as there were (I think) over two hundred teams. And the questions were F-ing hard, too. The theme this year was people, and for each round it would be a different group, say: The Canadians, or The Russians. We got our asses smoked on The Chinese and The Russians, rocked The Irish and The Italians, and put in a not altogether awful performance on The East Indians. Unrelated but also vaguely event-y: our OSSC team just played its second round of dodgeball—a double-header, no