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This past weekend, we

Stopped by Kingston to visit Sarah’s Nonna. We also happened upon her super-cute, waaaaaaaaay ants-in-his-pantsy, cornsilk-blonde, mildly-afroed cousin Jacob. Cute, I tells ya! Spent some time with Aunt Flo, where we sang some Sound of Music , inadvertently broke a small angel figurine (but repaired/mummified it with bandage tape), and then watched Flo go all evil after drinking some chocolate milk. We were getting along fine and then all of the sudden there was no Dana, only Zuul. Updated: Visited Sarah's Grandma and Grandpa in the hometown of Avril Lavigne. For the first time in all the times we've visited Grandpa Jack did not ask me if I followed the CFL, or if I ever drank at the Legion. Spent literally fifteen hours in Georgetown, hung out with my parents, ate approximate 700 cheezies, laughed, drank, were merry. Visited Dr. Beth, (and Nancy, Jeff, and Madeline), during which time no one hung out with just their body on . Went to Il Fornello for an okay brunch, tried to

Here are your Spring 2008 Champions: XXH!

My rec soccer team played the championship match last night, and we just decided to go ahead and win the whole shebang. I’m still reeling from it, to be honest. (See: Dave’s comments about never being on the winning team .) Crazier still is that we absolutely earned it. There were no fluke goals, no short-on–subs teams. Two games in a row we played against a tough, skilled bunch of folks, and both times we can away with solid wins. Three weeks ago we were ranked somewhere in the middle out of a league with nine teams, and I for one thought we were destined to stay there. But we just squeaked into the playoffs, thanks to spirit points believe it or not (remarkable for a team whose spirit points were for shit just a season ago). Then we went on to beat an undefeated team in the semi-finals (shut them out even), and won against another hard-ass team (that trounced us only a few games back) to take the whole thing. I can’t say I played my best, but the team as a whole was outstanding. Lo