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Veronica, One and a Bit

When I moved over to this new template (which I loooooove, by the way), it became immediately clear to me how long it had been since I’d posted anything about the kids. The most recent picture of either of them that pops up here was at least a year old. Way overdue for an update, and let’s start with Veronica. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be the daredevil of the family. You always assume it’s the boys that’ll be jumping off stuff, tormenting your pets, and being fearless little pains, but that’s not Teddy at all. A sweet kid is Teddy, but Evel Knievel he is not. Veronica’s still a bit too short and slow to get into real trouble, but once in a while you get hints of what’s to come. She’ll do a chin-up off the edge of the entertainment centre. Or she’ll claw at Gunther until he gives her a wallop – and still keep after him. And she’s not afraid of us at all. When Teddy was this old, you could use your SERIOUS VOICE to get him to stop touching something. Veronica just turns
It’s Sarah who keeps this family running and heading in the right direction.  She’s the Captain and the Engineer of this ship.  All too frequently, I take for granted all of the things she does for this family –because she does so much.   What are we having for dinner tonight, tomorrow, the next day?  Do the kids have enough warm PJs that fit?  Why did our water bill go up this month?  What are we getting Dave’s niece for her birthday?  What’s the optimal way to pack for this vacation?  Are we investing enough?  Where is that smell coming from?  These are the question that are always on her mind, and they’re questions that never occur to me (especially that last one, because I’m always the one responsible for it). These kids keep us busy.  They get into things (Teddy), or they sleep terribly and force you to be up and on from dusk to dawn (Veronica).  And there are the days where naps are totally uncoordinated and its twelve straight hours of kid watching.  At the end of one of those