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Veronica: First Week

Time passes in very strange ways when you have a newborn. Sometimes two days can seem like a week, then the passing of a week seems to whizz by in a blink. It's because you can alternate between incredible highs and awful lows several times in the same day. At noon you feel like a star and that you have everything under control, then at one in the morning you're in a fit of despair , then everything's totally cool again by breakfast. At this point in time, we're off that rollercoaster officially. Things are great and look to be staying that way. But damn, you really forget what those first few days can be like. I'll go light on detail here because I suspect Sarah will provide the gory blow-by-blow on her sight shortly. At about 3am on the 24 th , Sarah went into labour. With Teddy, the start-to-finish labour was epic, so we were both convinced that we had tons of time. But contractions were two minutes apart by 5am, and we were at the hospital and into serious la