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Sarah describes herself as a “nerdy joiner” which is her self-deprecating way to say that she’s involved in a bunch of stuff. The full truth is that she’s an incredibly dedicated volunteer who offers up nearly all of her free time to support a half dozen organizations and initiatives around where we live. She is one of those crucial people who makes things run . It would be untrue to say her work goes unrecognized, but I can confidently say that few people really know how much time and effort she puts into all these things that she has nerdily joined. She joined the board of our local preschool soon after our kids started going there, and excepting just one year, she’s been involved ever since. This year is probably the school’s most crucial: we need to fund and complete a relocation, and if the project fails the school will probably close for good. And this is the year Sarah became the preschool’s President. She’s also been on the board of our grade school and has been T