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Six months

Six months later and the time has not flown by. I don’t say this in a bad way. I love that it hasn’t all gone by in a blink. There’s been so much adapting and growing and general newness that the past six months have passed in very real time. A few of my favourite things about him at the moment: Sometimes when I come home from work, Teddy and Sarah are sitting on the front step. More often then not I’m in some kind of workfunk, but then Teddy recognizes me, bops up and down and gives me a big smile, and that bad mood is gone in a second. He’s been working on b-sounds lately. “Buh! Buh! Buh!” And almost every time that he starts to say it, he’ll warm up first. He’ll mouth the words a couple of times, then he’ll whisper it buh , and then he start saying it out loud. Needs to be seen to really be appreciated, but sadly I don’t have a video. But I do have a video of Teddy eating solid food, or you know, gumming it a couple of times, pulling a face, and then horking it out. In the attached

Russian Voddie

Hey, remember the other day when I was all, "I've got this bottle of Russian vodka, and it's crazy Russian! Like, I will never be able to figure out what it's called. Like, ever !" Upon closer inspection, the name is not that hard to crack. Russian Standard. Woo. This may just be what comes out of the drinking fountains of Russian public schools.


Sarah has smartly captured most of the details of this trip , so let me just add a couple of notes. I am young, fresh-faced, beautiful. I say this because I was carded three times trying to buy booze on our trip. Carded . THREE TIMES. For those of you who don't know or have forgotten: I'm a few months shy of thirty-four. But apparently, I'm the picture of youth. Oh beard-dye, is there anything you can't do? Speaking of booze, we're sneaking a fair bit of it back with us. It's not like prohibition era smuggling--we're not bring back a truckload of whisky in boxes marked "maple syrup"--but we've got a few extra bottles in tow. We picked up Cruzan , which is this delicious and cheap rum that's nigh impossible to find in a non-flavoured variety. I've also got delicious Imperia , Russian vodka that's become an old Vermont liquor store standby. But what I'm most excited about this is other bottle of vodka we picked up, and I can't
Let's face it: you don't need me anymore. I'm not dependable, I'm not topical; these days I'm almost always writing about my template which, I know, is just thrilling the shit out of all y'all. And Sarah's over there , blogging up a storm, giving you the goods. Sarah spied my screen right now. "Are you blogging? Are you ACTUALLY writing something?!?" I know, I know, I know. But you know what? Sometimes there are very legitimate reasons for not being about to write. And this long recent drought... has not been one of those times. Sometimes you have a brief, intensely busy period where you have NO TIME FOR ANYTHING. And then you get through that period and you have a justifiable lazy period. Then you pass, I mean really pass it, but then you just stay lazy. It's all about inertia, I think. I'm going to try, seriously, to get my motion on again. In fact, I'm going to post this now, then charge my dying, dying battery, the