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The immediate future, right now, yesterday

 I love my kids.   I’ve been staring at this screen for the past ten minutes wondering where to start, and that’s my best attempt so far.   There are two reasons I don’t write here much these days.   The first reason is that I’m incredibly, incurably lazy.   More important is the second reason: the more time goes on, the more I feel compelled to write honestly .   Which is not to say I was dishonest before, just that it’s been easier to fall back on hyperbole, jokes, and cliché.   It’s why my posts about Sarah are so hard to write.   I don’t just want to say, “She is the best, greatest, most wonderful woman in the history of time!” whether I believe it or not.   I want to find honest and original words to explain precisely why I think she’s amazing.   She really is the greatest, the facts are there.   It just takes patience to find the right words. My kids are really good friends right now.   I like to think that’ll always be true.   Yes, I’m probably wrong; no, I don’t want to