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Sarah has a lot of qualities I love -- that's not exactly a secret. But one of the greatest things about having kids has been seeing her best qualities appear in them. Specifically: Compassion - I see this in the girls, even Susannah who's not yet two. If someone is crying or even just a little bit upset, the girls are in there right away, hugging, saying, "It's okay, my sweetie," (if it's Veronica) or, "Po' Teddy!" (if it's Susannah). And Veronica has a long term concern for people that's rare in kids. She's had grandparents with bad backs, a dad with a bum foot, and other friends with health issues, and she'll ask them about it every time she sees them. That's Sarah: thinking and worrying about others, all the time. Enthusiasm - This is the clearest one -- the one people see in our kids and immediately say, "I know where they get that from." If you know Teddy at all, one of the principal words you'd use to