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Nine Potential Reasons I Haven’t Blogged In A While

The power source on our computer died Campaigning for a seventh season of According to Jim took up all my time Convincing a septuagenarian, Italian packrat to throw out fifty years of garage sale finds harder than imagined Attempted bicycle kick during last OSSC soccer game ended in disaster Fingers too fat for keyboard Drunk as a lord pretty much full time Let go of Sarah’s hand in a crowded street and got lost for a week Botched circumcision left me bedridden So very lazy

Two unrelated bullets

Our computer is on the fritz. One morning, the warm glowing warming glow of the power button failed us, providing not the power it had so oft advertised. The guy on the Dell helpline was pretty patient in walking me through the dismantling of the computer so I could rip things out a piece at a time, until we determined it was definitely the power source. He could not, however, figure out how to spell my last name. “McCabe? McGlavin?” Even when I started to spell it out he couldn't help but keep guessing. “ M… c… L…” “McLube? It’s McLube, isn’t it?” A new power source is on our way courtesy of eBay, but until then we’ll be rocking my laptop. I’ll be leaving the house a lot less and getting a lot less exercise. This is not because I’m ill or lazy (well, a little because I’m lazy). We just got The Movie Network. (For my American peeps, that’s like Canadian HBO). My movie watching street cred is about to skyrocket. I’ll actually start seeing movies less than thirty years after they we
Yesterday, we caught our first Ottawa Lynx games. The Lynx (Lynxes? Lynxi?) are a triple-A team affiliated with the Philadelphia Phillies, and it’s their last season in Ottawa because they’re moving to Allentown (where they’re closing all the factories down) next year. I assume attendance is what sunk the team here, seeing as there were about 200 people at last night’s game. It was a great time though—on par with any MLB game I’ve been to. Best of all: they played the Durham Bulls (which I was pretty sure was a made-up team until about two years ago). See that team and you can’t help but fill in all the unheard words between players with dialogue from the film. “Nuke's scared because his eyelids are jammed and we need a live rooster to take the curse off Jose's glove.” There’d been a severe weather advisory all day, and I thought we’d be running for our lives ten minutes in, but it wasn’t until the bottom of the fifth that the rain finally started. And it was the st