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Give’r 2: The Give’ning’r

Once again this year, Isha and I ran the Nordion 10K. I’d like to say we were as ill-prepared as we could be, but that might be over-stating it just a little. We’d trained somewhat, running intermittently over the past two months, but we got lazier the closer we came to the race time. Another big mistake was that neither of us had run a distance even approaching ten kilometers at any time over the past year. So we’re hurting pretty bad today. I iced my knees about eighty times, and Isha said that she felt like a sack of hammers this morning. But for all the not running, we only came in one minutes later than last year . And we were way more prepared last year. So, kids: training is for suckers. The highlight this year came around the six kilometer marker. There was a guy in a gorilla suit holding a framed canvas with an old shoe glued to it. All of the runners going by were encouraged to touch the shoe. For luck? Speed? Endurance? Dunno. I do know that we booted over f


We're in Rutland , Vermont for the annual May Two-Four Cross-Boarder Shopathon . Rutland itself isn't really a shopping hotbed, but it's got a good hotel and is only about a forty minute drive from Manchester (where all kinds of shopping sexytime can be found). I usually lose my mind after the first three stores, but I actually enjoyed the whole day--possibly because I picked up a ton of great stuff for me. At this point though, I already have everything I came for, and we have another commerce-filled day ahead tomorrow. So I'm gonna be hating everyone and everything about eighteen hours from now. My purchases today included kick-ass new team shirts for our OSSC team, XXH. The Wunderdogs are no more. We'd garnered a bit of a reputation last season (for being too goddamn attractive, frankly) so we're rebranding . We are now Double Extra Hard . Which means absolutely nothing. Well, we liked it because it sounds vaguely dirty, and because XXH would look pre
What can I say? It’s good to be away once in a while. Sorry to borrow the old ‘too many balls in the air’ metaphor, but I’ve been juggling a lot of things of late and it was nice to set just one thing aside. This is, I think, the first time I’ve ever been away for an entire month. What have I been up to? Work was crazygonuts busy for a month and a half after we got back from the cruise. It’s calmed significantly since and is actually manageable now… but I'm sure I’ve just jinxed it just now by saying as much. I’ve been teaching myself some of that crazy CSS that the kids are so big on these days. I scored Web Design in a Nutshell from the library, and it’s been a strangely compelling read. It was all theory and no practice at first… until I scored a little web design project to work on. I’m hoping to launch the site in about a week’s time, and after that I can turn my efforts to the old Touch You Last shack. More recently, we’ve been on the road. We drove back to Georgetown this