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The First Month

As I write this, I'm finding it particularly hard to concentrate because Teddy is beside me in his swing, and the swing music is overly precious and deafening. He hasn't had a great track record in the swing (you're lucky to get him in there for more than ten minutes before he starts to scream bloody murder), so when he's actually in there and content I hate to mess with any of the conditions. Maybe it's the music that's making him chill, maybe it's the smell of my unwashed body that keeps his rage at bay. Whatever: I don't want to mess with it. And holy crap: he's asleep. YEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH ! His sleep (or lack thereof) has been the biggest challenge, or at least the biggest challenge for me. He's also got thrush right now, which is no great shakes either, but at least with that we've adjusted to our new routine of filling his mouth with foul things and boiling the entire house once a day. With the sleep, each of his problem days have be