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The last full day goes like this

Hotel prices, from the early stages of planning, were set to skyrocket on the Friday. Sarah sets it up so that we check out of our separate rooms and check back into just one room for the four of us. This goes off without a hitch. (In typing this right now, I remember one time I shared a bed with Blaine. It was during a school trip to New York City. That first morning, Blaine whispered, “Dave. Psst. Dave. Your ass is pressed up against my leg.” To which I replied, “Aghhhhhhh!” as I flew out of the bed. With separate beds this time around, this incident didn’t not reoccur.) We had breakfast at the Paris buffet, and then gambled there for… too long. As pretty a casino as it is, I’ve never won a dime there ever. Colleen and Blaine joined the player’s club and got free sweatshirts for it. No buffet this time, but free shit is free shit, really. We went to the Bellagio briefly. On the way in, we walked through a big, slow-moving revolving door. Passing through, I jokingly

Unrelated interlude

Have you ever thought, "I wish someone would make a Spiderman game where Spiderman swings around the city with a broken neck? " If that's not enough for you, you also have the option of playing pretty much the exact same thing, but to the tune of "Black Betty. " Disparaging remarks aside, I'm totally addicted to this. Thanks for the link, J .

Booze, Borg, and Fun

We’d set Wednesday aside to go and see the Canyon That Is Grand . It was an estimated (and as we would learn, actual) four and a half hour drive from Vegas, so we got up not quite at the crack of dawn but shortly thereafter. We jumped into the glorious Pacifica , grabbed some bad-for-me breakfast, then we were on our way. Sarah said, “Depending on time, we can probably take a detour and go see the Hoover Dam on the way back,” but we soon discovered that the Dam wasn’t a detour so much as it was directly in our path. About forty minutes out of Vegas we were driving over it. We pulled over briefly to take in the sights and point earnestly at Caution signs, then we were back on the road. It was a long haul, but not as bad as we though, and just shy of noon we crossed into Grand Canyon National Park. What do you say about the Grand Canyon? It’s a pretty damn amazing to see. Zion and Bryce are far more accessible if you’ve only got a few hours, but I think the Grand Canyon has the s

I just made up a word, and that word is 'breakflunch'

Tuesday was Sarah's birthday, but there was no master plan for the day. She just wanted to do the usual: hit a whole bunch of casinos, do a whole bunch of blow, stay up for three days, then chug bottle after bottle of cough syrup until she could finally sleep. We picked up monorail tickets (prompting Blaine and I to sing the Monorail Song no less than eighteen times), and went to breakflunch at Mirage. Cravings: not as good as last time we were there. Out from there, we bee-lined down to Wynn for the usual good gambling, decent drink service, and all the Fendi we could afford. (Big negatory on the Fendi.) Colleen and Blaine signed up for Wynn's player's club card, and the deal for new signees is that if you gamble at least fifty bucks on your first visit, you get two free buffets. Something to sneeze at if it's the Imperial Palace buffet, maybe, but Wynn's buffet is of the fancy-pants variety. Two hours later, Colleen was down forty, but Blaine's machin

Vegas was so very long ago

Going forward, I’m just gonna blog everything in my life as it happens—whether consequential or not. Just to save myself from this. When you have to write about something well after the fact, every day that has passed feels like three, and I’ve probably told every one of you all of these stories already, but damn, for the one of you out there I haven’t told about Vegas, here goes: We flew into Sin City on a Sunday for what turned out to be a day of crazy mad upgrades. Our flights were bumped up to Economy Plus for no good reason (four extra inches of legroom doesn’t sound like much, but it felt glorious to me), then our rental car was upgraded from a Sebring to a Pacifica (again, no reason), and then our rooms at the hotel were upgraded (but at least for a reason: they weren’t ready when they were supposed to be). Our hotel was the MGM Grand, which I didn’t appreciate the hugeness of until that first fifteen minute march between parking garage and elevator bank. I’m not complainin
Yeah, so, Vegas. It's a place I went. And I should really do some of the, you know, old fashioned blogging in regards to said trip. But, no. No. Haven't. Things have been a little batshit lately, but I should get to it soon. There'll be stories of firing guns, and getting sassed by sassy Klingons, and Casino Hags. One day I'll spins yarns about it--I promise. Now, though... me be sleepy.