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MM5 - Closing podcast and thanks

The dust has settled, the guacamole has been retired, and MM5 is done for another year. Good line-up, probably not the best one yet, but definitely less duds than any year prior. More of my thoughts and the thoughts of people far smarter than me can be found in our post-game podcast here . Be warned that the audio quality is a bit raw and goes from quiet to deafening on more than one occasion. Before I stop talking about the Movie Marathon for another twelve months, I would be very remiss if I didn't thank the follow folks: Sarah - While I'm the programmer for this show, Sarah takes on the much harder task of running this party. As always, the party was amazing. An in addition, she also did a lot of Teddy juggling and taxiing of people and babies to and fro. I couldn't and wouldn't do this without you. Grandma Nonna and Grandpa - Sarah's parents took Teddy overnight and for a huge chunk of Sunday. Thank you so, so much for helping us out. I'm greatly i

A movie and a half away from done

Okay, so we're almost at the end. I haven't mentioned it yet (because it's true every year as it is this year) but all the good stuff is on Jorge's site. I had some funny feelings about the end of this movie list, and they've proven a little true. I was worried they wouldn't be edge-of-your-seat enough, or compelling enough to keep us going. Outpost wasn't all that scary (but the company kept the energy up). Moon is good, but it's more of a slow burn. You really have to give it some effort. Not a hell of a lot, but some. Anyways, it's good so far, but I don't begrudge anyone who's taking a powder right now. More later. Tired, and can't compose a while lot of coherent thoughts.

Bad Movies in the Movie Marathon Serve a Purpose

And that purpose is: to give me a chance to update my blog. I don't think it's just my lack of attention span leading me to say that Bad Lieutenant is a really bad movie. For reasons I don't care to explore just right now. Not just because Harvey Keitel had a terrible, completely awkward nude scene -- although that certainly didn't help. Outside of this one, all the other movies have been really good. I think there were a few too many dramas early on and Lars and the Real Girl suffered as a result. Otherwise, everyone seems to like what's been playing. Overall wakefulness: high. Drunkeness: moderate. If we can maintain those levels, or at worst swap them, we're gonna coast on through to 10am.

MM5 - Pre-show podcast

We're less than twelve hours away now. Eeeeeeeee! Earlier today, Jorge and I recorded our thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams about the event in a quick podcast. It only took us three takes. We had to delete the first two because it was filled with nothing but anti-French rhetoric . (All Jorge's.) Anyways, enjoy .

Movie Marathon 5

Clearly, once again, I’m behind on my everything. Movie Marathon 5 is less than forty-eight hours away now, and I ain’t said a word about it here. Don’t chalk this up to secrecy or anything, I just never got around to it. First off, here’s the line up: Pumping Iron - 10:00AM Last Night - 11:40AM Sunset Boulevard - 1:55PM Kung Fu Hustle - 4:00PM Lars and the Real Girl - 5:50PM Bad Lieutenant - 8:16PM Bon Cop Bad Cop - 10:05PM Near Dark - 12:16AM Battle Royale - 2:05AM Outpost - 4:14AM Moon - 5:59AM Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - 8:12AM As always, it’s from Saturday at 10AM to Sunday at 10AM. Unlike past years, we will not be contending with snowstorms, time changes, or hour long empty periods in the middle of the night as a result of math-related ineptitude. I’ll update here a few times during the day and I'll be tweeting away throughout. Jorge will be performing his usual super heroic blogging over at his site, and we’ll have AV material coming out the ying yang (
Crazy short post to say that I'm jumping on the NaBloPoMo bandwagon too. Don't mock me. Your mockery makes me fail. If I can make it two days, I'll make it through the month. Odds of me making it two days: 18%.