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MM8: A Review

I think this was the first year I lived the entirety of Movie Marathon offline.  I mean, I've been slack-assing all of my online haunts of late, but it wasn't just a result of me being lazy.  No one was super-familiar with the lineup as a whole; on average, people had seen about two movies of the twelve beforehand.  I think we all paid more attention than usual.  Maybe too much attention.  I feel like the Mystery Science Theater 3000 style jawing was down at least 25%. Okay, quick bits about each movie. In Bruges - There's one movie each year that I'm desperate for everyone to love.  Sometimes it's a guaranteed slam dunk like Black Dynamite , other times it's less of a sure thing.  After the night was all over, more than one person told me this was their favourite out of the lot.  Colin Farrell is so fucking good in this movie, it made me like him not just as an actor but as a person.  So glad this was liked as much as it was. Frequently Asked Questions