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Sarah fills our family’s life with adventure.   It was true long before we had kids, even before we were married.   If you’re like me, you approach travel, challenge, and maybe just the world at large with a one day attitude.   One day I’ll leave the continent.   One day I’ll reconnect with that friend I haven’t seen in years.   One day I’ll break this routine and do something really different.   With Sarah, the speed between idea and action is staggering.   Casting my mind back to 1,000 years ago when we first got engaged, she imagined a more amazing honeymoon then I would ever dare consider, and then it was planned and booked in days – long before I could think of a decent (fear-based) objection.   And if you get her in a room with her dad, brain-storming vacations, she’s ten times as dangerous.   Nearly every amazing vacation we’ve had has started with idle conversation over dinner at her parents’ place, then the meal is barely over before the two of them are in research mod