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Holy crow, so Movie Marathon Six came and went already and I didn’t write a single word about it here. But that’s okay, because I also haven’t written about my kids, the amazing trip we just took, or frankly anything (good or bad) that’s happened in my life for the last six months or so. But I’ve been on Jorge’s site a bunch of times today, and he reports on this little party so consistently and exhaustively that I can’t let him go it alone. Here are the lessons I’ve learned from Movie Marathon 6: When choosing the lineup, trust your gut. This was probably the second worst lineup we’ve ever had. (MM1 was, inarguably, the worst. Some would say MM3 was a stinker, but that’s just the Suspiria/Sunshine stank that everyone can still taste. Other than that, everything played brilliantly.) I’m not saying we watched a bunch of bad movies this year, we just had too many dramas back to back. There was what felt like a six hour block where I felt like people were just pu