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If I could give Sarah any possible gift for her birthday, it would be the gift of sleep. I’ll think she’d appreciate somewhere around fourteen straight hours about now. And I could easily give her this gift... if only I could place the baby in a state of suspended animation for somewhere around fourteen hours. She’s crazy, that Susannah. Our worst sleeper yet. Teddy was great, then Veronica woke up every three hours until she was a year and a half, and then there’s Susannah, who wakes up about five times a night on average. But Sarah takes constant care of her because Sarah is amazing. She’ll nurse the baby to sleep as many times as it takes. When it comes to her family, she is selfless by default. She probably wouldn’t agree with that statement. She’d probably point out some instance where she put her needs first, and she’d make it sound like that was something that occurred frequently. But any occasional selfish act is dwarfed by all the unselfish ones. All the foregone sleep, a