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Once upon a time, I worried that the best version of me was somewhere in my past. I was turning thirty and having a hard time with it. I was sure that the best of my creativity, my ambition, and my discipline were behind me. That feeling came on strong… and then went away pretty quickly (although it took me a while to realize those things weren't even the best measures of self-improvement). I’ve never once thought the same thing of Sarah. In fact, as I’ve written many , many times before , I feel like she’s ever-improving. I mean, she’s not a robot – it hasn't been a linear progression straight towards perfection – but as the years pass she keeps getting better.                   What I haven’t thought of much until lately is that the same is true of us as a couple. Too often, I take our relationship for granted, largely because we’ve been together for so damn long. Our relationship has been this perpetual, comforting fixture in my life. We broke up in University fo