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MM5 - Closing podcast and thanks

The dust has settled, the guacamole has been retired, and MM5 is done for another year. Good line-up, probably not the best one yet, but definitely less duds than any year prior. More of my thoughts and the thoughts of people far smarter than me can be found in our post-game podcast here. Be warned that the audio quality is a bit raw and goes from quiet to deafening on more than one occasion.

Before I stop talking about the Movie Marathon for another twelve months, I would be very remiss if I didn't thank the follow folks:
  • Sarah - While I'm the programmer for this show, Sarah takes on the much harder task of running this party. As always, the party was amazing. An in addition, she also did a lot of Teddy juggling and taxiing of people and babies to and fro. I couldn't and wouldn't do this without you.
  • Grandma Nonna and Grandpa - Sarah's parents took Teddy overnight and for a huge chunk of Sunday. Thank you so, so much for helping us out. I'm greatly in indebted, for many reasons beyond this, really, but certainly for this as well.
  • Jorge - For blogging it up all night like it was your job. (It is, but it's only an unpaid internship.) Thanks, dude. And your acting prowess, once again, was top notch.
  • Rebecca - For traveling, tweeting, and sharing the true reason why francaphone men are so bowlegged.
  • Chris - For your booze, mustache, and man-hugs (so, so many man-hugs).
  • Mark - For your excellent wirework.
  • Tania - For being okay with the way we man-handled your man.
  • Claire - For your rock-solid extra work in our Sunset Boulevard video.
  • Isha - For making time for this party, even though you are crazily pregnant. (Also, for not having your home birth in my home).
  • Shelley - For your unmatched sense of humour and your insastiable thirst for jagerbombs.
  • Michelle - For being our one and only first-timer. Woo!
  • Lorna - For not punching me in the mouth after the Bad Lieutenant video.

That's all. I had a great time. Sound like you did too. See you at MM6.


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