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This past weekend, we

  • Stopped by Kingston to visit Sarah’s Nonna. We also happened upon her super-cute, waaaaaaaaay ants-in-his-pantsy, cornsilk-blonde, mildly-afroed cousin Jacob. Cute, I tells ya!
  • Spent some time with Aunt Flo, where we sang some Sound of Music, inadvertently broke a small angel figurine (but repaired/mummified it with bandage tape), and then watched Flo go all evil after drinking some chocolate milk. We were getting along fine and then all of the sudden there was no Dana, only Zuul.
  • Updated: Visited Sarah's Grandma and Grandpa in the hometown of Avril Lavigne. For the first time in all the times we've visited Grandpa Jack did not ask me if I followed the CFL, or if I ever drank at the Legion.
  • Spent literally fifteen hours in Georgetown, hung out with my parents, ate approximate 700 cheezies, laughed, drank, were merry.
  • Visited Dr. Beth, (and Nancy, Jeff, and Madeline), during which time no one hung out with just their body on. Went to Il Fornello for an okay brunch, tried to pay, got my credit card declined, called the credit card company, was told that my credit card had been duplicated at some point over the past month. Was also informed that I’ll probably never be told where and how it happened unless the investigation proved that I was actually the one who did. In which case, I would be informed. By the po-po.
  • Drove home through the frigging storm of the century. Longest, hardest rain I’ve ever driven through. Thankfully, did not die.
  • Cleaned up the house, broke out clean sheets, combed the soap, and in other ways readied the house before my cousin and his family who are staying over until Wednesday.


Anonymous said…
Glad you did not die in the storm of the century.

Am curious as to what, exactly, "combing" the soap means.
Anonymous said…
You missed our visit to my OTHER grandparents. You should edit the entry to note that you got to hang out with a guy who thinks you are the coolest think on earth - my grandpa Jack.

Also- so much for not telling parents about the credit card...
Dave said…

I'll also add that Grandpa Jack loves me because after they first moved to their retirement home, I helped reset his radio stations. Eight years later and he still says, "That was a real nice thing you did, fixing my radio like that." He's pretty wicked. And apparently, so am I.

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