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I should add...

... that two people were instrumental in my joining Twitter. First, Isha. She sent out an article on it when the application was still brand new. (And I remember thinking, "Screw that noise. Like I need more online commitments.) Second was Rebecca. She joined up just a short while ago, claiming she hadn't met a bandwidth she didn't like. (And then she disappeared entirely from the internets.) It looked nice and pretty over there on her sidebar, and then I got a little jealous. The rest: history.

And for those unobservant among you (Jorge), the Twitter feed is right there on my sidebar, replacing the old Radio 3 player that I loved, but that I think scared the bejezus out of a lot of people.

Also, everyone should join Twitter. I'm needing some diversions, people.


Anonymous said…
I'm still here, just trapped in an endless feedback loop!
Beth said…
I'm still resisting the Twitter thing. Resisting even figuring out how it works. Don't text messages, like, cost money?

So I'm going to comment on your tweets here and then you will have to read them here and it will totally eff up your online effort % projections and then what are you going to do? Huh? Huh?

"Must work on speech. Must work on speech. DO NOT WANT!"

What speech? Where are you giving a speech???
Unknown said…
I luh-ove text's the best way to practice Kinyarwanda and/or confess one's recent predilection for logging onto to whenever needing a break from grant writing. Plus there's not enough space for crippling introspection or analysis, just bald facts. I am thirty-something and miss some of the least important parts of home: ufite kibazo?

Sadly though, Twitter seems like another tech thing I will enjoy reading, but never do. And I wonder if after a while your texts will just get longer and longer in lieu of any blogging at all: I'll be wasting my money in an internet cafe to be updated on what you wrote while waiting for a Subway sandwich.

Finally, I'm with Beth: what speech?
Isha said…
Oh, Dave. You certainly are persistent. You should know by now that just because you mentioned me by name in both your blog posting and a recent Twitter tweet, I'm still not going to sign up. I have a whole Facebook group named after me and do you see me with an account? No sir.

I will, however, be following you avidly as you Twitter away...thanks so much for yet another distraction on the Internets!
Dave said…
Rebecca: Glad to hear that my rumours of your demise are greatly exaggerated.

Beth: It doesn't have to be a text message. You can just swing over to the Twitter site and throw in your thoughts that way (that's all I do). It's really meant to be a small time diversion. You know when you want like a five minute break, and no one's posted anything new on their blogs, and Facebook is all lame cause it's all FunWall! Which Transformer are you?!? LOL! Squee!!!! Well then, you pop over to Twitter and you check out your feed of all the people you're tracking. It's good times.

Shelley: Hey! How the hell are you? HOW ARE YA!?! Okay, enough of that. You've nailed the beauty of it right there: bald facts; undressed thought. I do think you'd enjoy it--and the best way to track people is to have an account. Then you go to your one update wall and see all the shizzle at once instead of visiting all your Twitter peeps one by one. It's also limited by characters (120 or so?) so you can't start essaying there.

Beth: Damn you! You're right about throwing off my projections.

Beth and Shelley: I'm in Toastmasters, so it's not a big deal. I'm not addressing the UN or anything.

Shelley: Come back home! (Although really, you've got many a home. So let me be more explicit and say, "Come back here!")

Isha: Come on! Do it! All the cool kids are... ah, fuck it, never mind then. I'll add only one more thing: you can have an account that you never actually post to. You can just use it to track your peeps. And then after seeing Cory Doctorow be all "And I was like this," and Kathryn Heigl be all "such and such a thing," and then I'm all "oh no you di'int," you'll think I can't not be a part of this!

Makers of Twitter: That'll be forty dollars, please.
Jorge said…
You had me at exaggerated.

But then you lost me at Kathryn Heigl
Hazel Lancaster said…
Good one. You can also check afdah

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