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Sarah's List -- 101 things to do in Ottawa and area (in 1001)

Sarah here...I'm once again hijacking Dave's blog, this time to publish a list of my own.

The backstory: I have been feeling like an underachiever for not having my own 1001 list, goal-oriented nerd that I am. When I realized that I would likely be doing most of Dave's tasks along with him, I changed my mind. I decided to put a slight twist on the 101 in 1001 concept; this list will certainly force us to discover our new home town.

I'm posting this here for two reasons:
a) because I have no website of my own, yet want to feel a bit of pressure to finish these tasks.
b) Dave will be involved in all of them, so it's only fair! March 15, 2008, I (well, we) aim to do the following:

41 things to do in Ottawa and area (in 113)
UPDATED: November 25, 2007

1. Visit the Canada and the World Pavillion [done 25/06/05 -- good thing, too, as it's closing in October 2005]
2. Visit the Diefenbunker [done 22/10/05 -- and it was AWESOME. Blaine (and JWo) will be our next targets for a visit to the former nuclear bunker.]
3. Visit Laurier House [done 03/06/06, during Doors Open Ottawa. We saw Laurier's death mask, and MacKenzie King's crystal ball and his shrine to his Mom. And the room where he had his seances. ROCK!]
4. See Question Period in the House of Commons [this may not happen...I have to WORK while QP is happening!]
5. See the an temporary exhibit at the National Gallery [there is a Renoir one this summer, so that will happen...]
6. See an IMAX movie at the Museum of Civilization [done 20/05/06. While Jody and Jen were touring the M of C, I saw two -- one on Kilimanjaro and the other on Greece (primarily Santorini and Athens).]
7. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Photography [done 04/06/06. Free admission with Doors Open Ottawa.]
8. Visit Rideau Hall [done 25/06/05 - My Mom and Dad were in town, so we toured the GG's residence]
9. Visit the Museum of Nature
10. Visit Rosa [Done 26/11/05. She was visiting my Mom and Dad, and we went out with Beth to see her. Since she's only 4ft 8, Beth and my Mom are 5ft, and Dad and I are 5ft4, Dave was a GIANT at 5ft10!]
11. See the house that Tania built [ done in January, 2006. We have been over numerous times since, and it is AMAZING!]
12. See the RCMP Musical Ride
13. Visit the Museum of Science and Technology
14. Go to an embassy (during Doors Open Ottawa) [done 03/06/06. We saw the embassies of Algeria and Croatia on the rainy Saturday part of the weekend.]
15. Go to the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the War Memorial [done 11/11/05. We froze, I cried, but it was a lovely sunny day. And we were only 1 row from the barrier.]
16. Go to a music festival (e.g. Bluesfest) [done 26/08/05. We went to the Ottawa Folk Festival to see the Weakerthans as well as Jim Cuddy. Feist was there, too. Hit Bluesfest in 2007]
17. Go to a non-music festival [done May 2006. Hooray for Tulip Festival...and for Winterlude, though we didn't do all that much, in February 2006.]
18. Visit an artisan’s shop in Almonte [done Winter of 2007].
19. See the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame in Almonte [done 24/07/05. It's little. It's free.]
20. Go to a local beach
21. Go on a ‘Haunted Walks of Ottawa’ tour
22. See Rideau Falls [done 25/06/05 - from a lovely vantage point near the Canada and the World Pavillion]
23. Go to the Bytown Museum [done 04/06/06, during Doors Open Ottawa.]
24. See a concert at Nepean Point
25. See a show at the National Arts Centre [I have been here like 8 times for work...]
26. See a play at the Ottawa Little Theatre
27. Take out books from the Main Branch of the Ottawa Library [I work 1 block away, so I have done this numerouse times, starting with July 2006.]
28. See an Ottawa Lynx game [done June 2007]

29. See an Ottawa Senators game [Done 15/11/05 with my Mom and Dad vs. the 'Canes, then again 26/11/05 with Beth to see the Bruins. So much fun!!]
30. See an Ottawa Renegades game [this one won't happen, as the team has disbanded. Boo!]
31. See the Sound and Light show on the Hill in the summer [Done 07/07; stopped while walking back from Bluesfest. Bad. So very bad.
32. See the holiday light show (NOT just from the car) in December [done 27/12/05. Katie and Nicki were here, and we wandered around. Good times.]
33. Visit the National Library and Archives
34. See a movie at the Rainbow Cinemas at St. Laurent Centre
35. See a movie at the Centretown Movies outdoor movie festival
36. Shop in Westboro [done 22/07/05. MEC, Lost marbles, Mrs. Tiggy Winkles, and eating at the Works.]
37. Shop at Bayshore Mall [done 17/09/05. Clothes shopping -- I was so impressed with the Winners there!]
38. Shop for groceries in Quebec
[done January 2007. And many times since.]
39. Shop for alcohol in Quebec
[done Fall 2007. And many times since.]
40. Procure fresh local produce several weeks in a row. [done summer 2006.]
41. Buy flowers in the market [tough to do -- the Zose eats flowers.]
42. Go to a concert at the Capitol Music Hall [saw Joel Plaskett in May 2007]
43. See a live band at a venue in the market [see #42]
44. Find a local hairdresser [done June 12th, 2006. Thanks, Isha, for the referral.]
45. Find a local aesthetician [done 28/07/05. Riccioli Salon on Rideau Street. My local hairdresser may also be found there in future...]
46. Find a local tailor [does my Mom count?]
47. Find a local pub with trivia [done 24/10/05. Monday nights at the Barley Mow. Our first night, we came in third. Gooooo Banana Stand! Isha rocks.]
48. Hike a 1-5k trail in Gatineau Park [done Winter 2007 with Mark, Tania, Lucy et al, February 2007.]
49. Hike a 5+k trail in Gatineau Park [done September 2006 with Isha].
50. Go swimming at Meech Lake
51. Run in an NCR Race Weekend race [we did cheer on Isha and Cathy in 2006, but this one will have to wait for 2007.]
52. Skate the full length of the Canal Skateway (NAC to Carleton and back)
53. Run on Colonel By Drive during summer Sunday activities [done 24/07/05. We ACTUALLY helped run it -- we were volunteers!]
54. Run through the neighbourhood next to Strathcona Park
55. X-country ski in Gatineau Park
56. Run the trail along the Ottawa River, below Parliament Hill
57. Climb the rock at Bon Echo [Done 09/01/07]
58. Boat at Bon Echo [Done 09/01/07] . Thanks, Blaine and Colleen!

59. Ski a X-country trail on the Ottawa side [Done February 2-4, 2007.]
60. Hike in the Green belt [Done 09/07]
61. Hike the Trail at Mer Bleue bog
62. Visit Lafleche Caves and Aerial park
63. Explore the Eastern neighbourhoods on the Quebec side
64. Explore the Western neighbourhoods on the Quebec side
65. Explore the Northern neighbourhoods on the Quebec side
66. Visit 5 towns in the Outaouais region [Wakefield,Chelsea, Aylmer,]
67. Get to know the West end neighbourhoods [Westboro, Hintonburg, Tunney's Pasture, all the way out to Nepean, Barrhaven, Kanata, Stittsville...done throughout 2006 and 2007
68. Get to know the East end neighbourhoods [We just bought in Blackburn Hamlet, so we have gotten to know lots of Gloucester and Orleans...and Rockland...done all through 2007.]
69. Get to know the South end neighbourhoods
70. Visit 5 towns in the regions west of Ottawa [DONE as of 24/10/05. Almonte, (Arnprior), Pakenham, Carleton Place, Merrickville, Carp]
71. Visit 5 towns in the regions east of Ottawa [Hawkesbury,...]
72. Fly out of Ottawa International Airport [done 02/09/05. Vegas, baby!]
73. Have tea at Zoe’s in the Chateau Laurier
74. Have brunch at Wilfrid’s in the Chateau Laurier
75. Eat at the Urbanwell, 2 blocks away (next to the Moon Dog Café) [done 28/06/05. Good food, good value, good location. We've been back several times.]
76. Visit the hidden pub in the middle of Sandy Hill [Done 24/09/05. It's called Drumlin's. It has 50 on tap. Mmmm.]
77. Eat at the Manx [done 05/03/06 for dinner and 20/05/06 for brunch with Jen and Jody. No small feat, as the place sits well under 50 people...]
78. Eat at the Works [done 22/07/05 at the Westboro location. Yum!]
79. Eat at Friday’s Roast Beef House [done 23/12/05. Dave and I got out of work early and treated ourselves to lunch here. Cool old house right in the heart of downtown.]
80. Eat at the Black Tomato
81. Eat at Eggspectation [this is incredibly pathetic, as I still work in the building where it is located.]
82. Eat at a Fusion restaurant in the market
83. Eat at Canal Ritz
84. Eat in Little Italy [done 21/10/05. Pub Italia, recommended by my parents' friend Jan. Thanks to Isha for coming along!]
85. Eat in Chinatown [done 07/12/05 at Yangzhe. Dim Sum = yum]
86. Eat at Luxe or Empire Grill [done 19/12/05. Thanks to Pascale for making the reservations!!]

87. Eat at Palais Imperial [done 11/12/05 with Sean, Zehra, Deepa and David. Lots and lots of Dim Sum!!]
88. Eat at Sitar [Done 25/11/05 with Beth. Good times!]
89. Eat at Sushi Kanata [done 10/12/05 with my Mom and Dad. A nice alternative to places downtown.]

90. Go to a wine bar
91. Go to a martini bar [done in 2006. 8teen, I guess.]
92. Find a go-to Indian restaurant
93. Find a go-to Japanese restaurant [done summer 2006. Suisha Gardens, plus a new one on Rideau.]
94. Find a go-to Lebanese restaurant [done 02/08/05. Shwarma Palace on Rideau. Sooooo goooood!]
95. Find a go-to Thai restaurant [mmm...Royal Thai. Done summer 2006.]
96. Find a go-to Greek restaurant
97. Find a go-to Chinese restaurant [Done 08/07. Delicious and cheap and bad]
98. Find a go-to restaurant within 4 blocks of our house [done 12/07/05. The Urbanwell certainly fits this bill, as does the vegetarian restaurant around the corner]
99. Find a go-to restaurant in Almonte [Done 10/01/05. We've actually found a couple -- a tea room, JR's and a little pizzeria.]
100. Find a go-to pub in Almonte (for my Dad) [done 09/07/05. It's called the Ironworks. Good food, good beer...and maybe even trivia!]
101. Find a go-to upscale restaurant in the market

I should note -- all of the above are things that at least one of us has never done before. No cheating (e.g. adding 'the War Museum' or 'the Mint' since we've already been) was allowed.

Just like the other list, I'll be updating as we go, so -- wish us luck!


Anonymous said…
102. Get own blog.

Anonymous said…
I also notice the conspicuous absence of the following:

103. Have a sweet, sweet threesome with Jorge
104. Give Jorge $10,000
105. Invent new type of Chocolate Bar that gives Jorge super-powers.

Dave said…

Prepare for an upcoming "101 in 1001 things we'll do to Jorge" entry. Most will involve Nair, figure-four leglocks, and punching in the arse with my ninja knuckle. That's right--in.
Anonymous said…
Do it.

I'll raise an army of haiku requestors and lyricize you into nothingness....

One hundred and one
In a thousand and one days
The ultimate list

Word, yo'
Jay said…
Nice list, Sarah.

I was surprised that I had actually done many of them myself. I usually get to a city inside out and don't get around to the touristy tulip festival (duh, jamie). But of course I owe many of them to the fact that I worked on Parliament Hill, right inside the centre block, right beneath the Peace Tower where all the big stuff goes down.
Beth said…
"10. Visit Rosa [Done 26/11/05. She was visiting my Mom and Dad, and we went out with Beth to see her. Since she's only 4ft 8, Beth and my Mom are 5ft, and Dad and I are 5ft4, Dave was a GIANT at 5ft10!]"

It was like hanging out with Zdeno Chara!
Anonymous said…
i ate at the black tomato tonight! it was delicious and totally reasonably priced for being in a cute restaraunt downtown.
Anonymous said…
I found you through pamie's latest book drive - I like to check up on the locals (I live in Hull and work in Ottawa).

For your go-to Japanese, I've been told that Shogun (on Carling) is to die for.

The short trails in Gatineau Park are really, really easy and beautiful. I think our favourite so far is the Pink Lake trail. We were attacked by baby blackflies on the Champlain Lookout trail. I think the trick is to avoid the park on the first sunny day after a week of rain.
Beth said…
Wait... you haven't done "20. Go to a local beach"? I think I've been to *all* of my local beaches (and we have *a lot* of beaches!) + beaches in Victoria, Nanaimo & Tofino. Granted, you've been to beaches all over the *world*, but really, you should check out your local ones!

As you know, I've done 4. So, if you don't get to that one, you can count mine. After all, we used to be considered a single entity!
LC said…
101. --> Social Restaurant, on Sussex. It will not disappoint.
Anonymous said…
WTF i was looking for things to do in Ottawa not Quebec this list is bulls@^t!! I think u should redo it most of this shit is just common sense

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