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While my tweets petered out and I didn't do an immediate victory post, rest assured that we made it to the end. Delirious was super-dated and pretty awkward to endure at times, but then you get to a skit like "Ice Cream Man" and you can almost see everyone in the room mouthing the words. After that was through, we put the house back in place, hung out for a bit with Rebecca, dropped Jorge off in Stittsville to catch his ride back to T.O., and then we slept real hard for about five hours. Since then, I've eaten and cleaned up, and done my best to shake off the cobwebs.

And now, thank yous. Thanks to the long distance travellers. Jorge, Rebecca, I hope your trips home were safe and mercifully quick. Thanks to my tech crew. Joe: the sound system rocked the house. Literally. And way to set that up in short order, too. Chris: thanks for the TV and PS3 loan, making this look like some kind of professional operation for once. Thanks to our first-timers—Shelley, Rebecca, Lorna, (and Claire!) I hope you enjoyed it and please come back for the next one. Thanks to my long-timers: Jorge, Isha, Cathy, Mark, and Tania. Four damn years now and you still keep coming back. You rule. And of course, thanks to Sarah. Pregnant as all get-out and you still had enough food prepared to feed a dozen people for two dozen hours.

I am loving, loving, loving our tribute videos this year. I think I've watched them each five times now, and I like them because they have such rewatchability. There's always something I didn't catch the last time around. Like Lorna's wineglass and dahling business in Lifeboat, Cathy clapping after the Iron Giant falls on his ass, or the way Isha's really starts cracking me with that lid after the second swing in that Audition video. I also love when someone comes in with the save when it becomes clear we never really had an ending planned, like Jorge's aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck! in Glengarry Glen Ross (rated NC-17 for language and mature themes). Nice work, all.

I think I might start a flickr account, if for no other reason than to just put up some photos from yesterday. Maybe tomorrow; I just don't have it in me today. I don't even have it in me to create all the links I should for this post. I'm gonna be making some zees real soon. Like right around the time I click Publish Post.


Anonymous said…
Your tribute video of Death Race 2000 makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. But it begs the question - why does Jorge have two different colours of blood, one of which appears to be mustard-coloured?
Anonymous said…
Oh man. I had so much fun. The videos were awesome, and seemed to take less planning than last year for some reason.

Looking forward to your Oprah Edition.
Lorna said…
I had such a great time, and after encouragement from Jorge actually posted about it, in my own way. Thanks again to you and Sarah. And btw, after telling everybody how independent I was and could damn well get myself home on the bus, I turned the wrong way! I did get the bus, running and laughing at my own joke, and making the bus driver a bit leery.

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