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We're in Rutland, Vermont for the annual May Two-Four Cross-Boarder Shopathon. Rutland itself isn't really a shopping hotbed, but it's got a good hotel and is only about a forty minute drive from Manchester (where all kinds of shopping sexytime can be found). I usually lose my mind after the first three stores, but I actually enjoyed the whole day--possibly because I picked up a ton of great stuff for me. At this point though, I already have everything I came for, and we have another commerce-filled day ahead tomorrow. So I'm gonna be hating everyone and everything about eighteen hours from now.

My purchases today included kick-ass new team shirts for our OSSC team, XXH. The Wunderdogs are no more. We'd garnered a bit of a reputation last season (for being too goddamn attractive, frankly) so we're rebranding. We are now Double Extra Hard. Which means absolutely nothing. Well, we liked it because it sounds vaguely dirty, and because XXH would look pretty good on a shirt. I also liked Lewd Suggestive Name for a team name, but sadly I thought of that one after the fact. Maybe next year, when we have to change identities again. It's soccer this season (or 'footy,' if you're a pretentious asshole). Game one was a breeze. Game two we might have to work for. But with the kick-ass shirts we'll be sporting, we've already scored a victory. A VICTORY OF FASHION!

That is, literally, all of my news. These days, I live vicariously through you.

(Also, I might be talking up these shirts a little bit.)


Anonymous said…
I like the name, XXH. I hope we'll see this swanky shirts here soon?

I'm in Kelowna for hockey provincials right now and, despite the fact that our team name is the "Blazing Blades," we are listed on the schedule as the "Blazing Bisons." 'cuz that makes sense.

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