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Wings, Fire, FAS

So it’s Good Friday here in Cal-gary, and we’re celebrating the day by having Eggs McMaster and Delicio for breakfast after our traditional ten hours sleep. Later today, we’ll be heading out to Fort Calgary, and then to Yuk Yuk’s. All good. But then, the plan for Saturday morning is to get on the road by seven and check out Field, Banff, and Lake Louise—which sounds like it’ll be a great day, but also has us up and at ‘em a good four hours earlier than we’ve grown accustomed to. Scary shit.

A quick summary of some things seen, visited and/or eaten so far:

Studio 82 – partook in Justin’s Wednesday ritual of wings and beer with some of his co-workers and friends. Studio 82 has nineteen flavours of wings, of which we tried about six, and of which Salt and Pepper surprisingly kicked ass. Beth, meat-slacker that she is, had a big ol’ plate of fries. Tasty, I think is the word she used to describe them.

Calgary Olympic Park – had a quick stop here, largely spent in the Olympic Museum. Got to play on an interactive hockey exhibit, see Brian Orser’s wicked military-inspired unitard, and check out many Olympic torches. (Calgary’s: super-dull. Barcelona’s: like fire brought from the future itself.)

Karuso’s – The McGibbon of Calgary. Caught the first half of the Flames/Sharks game. Nice bunch of folks there. And would you believe that they cook up a mean veggie burger there? (Possible meat-infused; or at least rubbed against the flanks of a cow before served.)

The Mynt – The Au Bar of Calgary, minus all the gay-for-pay. (Actually, in Calgary, it’s gay-for-free.) Had a few drinks, felt old, partied beside Courtney Love. Did not dance (thanks Jebus.)

More Things You Didn’t Know About Calgary

  • Every waitress here is absurdly hot.
  • Every guy here is suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome.


Beth said…
I believe I actually said "tasteless" Oh Calgary, how could you ruin french fries, of all things? Thank Jebus that Karuso's made up for it with their wickedly good veggie burger - the first I've seen in Calgary. Even chains like Earl's and Moxie's, which have veggie burgers where I come from, don't serve veggie burgers here. W. T. F.
Anonymous said…
Sounds great, mano!
I haven't been to Calgary in a while.

Will have to make my way out there at some point.

Last time I was there was during the Figueiredo Cross Canada tour.

By that, I mean we went across canada, but never really stopped anywhere for more than 5 minutes.

Don't forget to go to the BADLANDS, mofo!

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