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One Great Airport!

Here’s what I can tell you about Winnipeg: it’s very flat and very cold. Also, the airport has exactly one place to eat (Toast!). And that closes at eight. I can also tell you that Manitoban Doritos aren’t nearly as cheesy as the Doritos I’m accustomed to in my home and native province.

As I write this—though not as I post it—we’re chillin’ in the Winnipeg Airport, waiting for our connecting flight to Las Vegas. We’ll be spending the first night in the fabulous Holiday Inn. This is because when we (Sarah) booked the tickets, we (we) didn’t realize that we’d be landing on Superbowl Sunday, which means that all the cool hotels are EXPENSIVE. (Sarah here, feeling the need to defend myself. We will be getting to our hotel after midnight local time, and why would we pay triple what we normally would when we’re getting in so late? The Holiday Inn Express is brand new, highly rated, has free breakfast and internet AND was a good deal. So there!) Yes, well…

Tomorrow, we’ll be carting our fine asses over to New York, New York, where we’ll be staying for most of the trip. After that, we’re moving over to Caesars Palace, where it’ll be nothing but vomitoriums and soft boys until we fly back home again.

We’re just discovering it’s not just Toast! but everything that closes at eight: the book store, duty free… and I think I just heard them shut off the furnace.

This is probably one of the best deserved vacations we’ve had since after the wedding. Sarah has worked like a dog through and since the Fall (the worst of it in January), and I was okay until just last week where I crammed about nine days of work into six (hence the radio silence). I may be posting here irregularly through the week, because I think we’ll be rocking free WiFi from time to time. Unless I’m too loaded to make the internets work., which is a possibility.

On the wall in front of me, there is a large red sign that says, “Passengers with boarding cards please be seated and wait for boarding announcement.” I can’t imagine what event or phenomenon prompted the hanging of this sign. I literally cannot.

Jesus, this airport is boring.


Anonymous said…
"Most Deserved Vacation"?

I guess that's accurate.

1/100 vacations should be deserved, bastage.


I'm beginning to wonder if your actual job involves going on vacations. I profess to be jealous. I want in.

Anonymous said…
I'm with Jorge. I want to come along on some of these fabu vacays!

(I also want to sound like less of a dork. I'm not sure you can help me with that, however.)

Have fun!
Anonymous said…
Vegas? AGAIN?! You two are traveling crazy people. Super jealous. )= Winnepeg airport is rockin...been there. done that.

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