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Really should be a Wasted Time post, but really, I'm only two sheets to the wind so I'm dropping my rhymes here. (Note: there will be no rhymes.) There's a few other things I can promise you there won't be, such as a Best Of list, or a list of my resolutions. Especially the last because, let's face it, the best resolutions are the deep, dark, secret ones. Those of the I'll not be a failure next year variety. All I'll say about the past year is goodbye and good riddance to two thousand and shit (while nothing horrible befell me personally, it was a fucking disaster to everyone I know).

You know, I've just changed my mind. This wasn't meant to be a doom and gloom entry, so it won't be. I also wasn't going to talk about 2007 aspirations, but I will. But first I'll get another drink...

Now then.

I feel strangely optimistic about next year. No, strange doesn't quite do it. Remarkably optimistic is more accurate. Around the time I turned thirty, I sort of gave up on change. I thought resolutions had become a waste, because I'm who I am, I'm how I am, and that was it. And I'd made my peace with it. But lately, I haven't felt that way. I've felt like I can make the changes I want to. And it's nothing drastic. I'm not out to write the Great Georgtownian Novel, it's more on the level of eat more bran. (Well, maybe a bit more complex then that, but a year ago, even the bran thing would have seemed overly ambitious).

That's it. I've got plans, bitches. You wait and see.

Peace, love, and we'll talk in the new year.


Anonymous said…
My New Year's resolution will be 2048x1290!

Sorry, was posting as Adam for a sec.

Dude, whatever you put your mind to, you can do.

Because if the world doesn't let you be who you are, I will kick it's fucking ass.

And you know I can.
Beth said…
I agree with you -- I don't know why, but I am optimistic about 2007. It's going to be a good year, I can just feel it!

And hear hear on your decision that you can make changes if you want to!

Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
Maybe we're all so optimistic because the thought of another year like the last makes us want to stick our heads in a blender.

I've never felt like I couldn't change, but more like I didn't have the energy for it. This year has changed that, and I can't tell you how absolutely awesome it feels to have made some changes. So good luck to you, buddy. I'm passing the 'torch of change' on to you. (This is a completely selfish move - I'm not sure I can handle any more change at the moment.) Use it well.


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