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End notes

I thought I had more, but there are only two that come to mind, and they both have to do with Au Bar:

In Frommers – Here’s the description of Au Bar that we read after-the-fact in Frommers: “An address is unnecessary for Au Bar; the long Seymour Street line of those not-quite-beautiful-enough for expedited entry immediately gives it away. Inside, this newest of downtown bars is packed with beautiful people milling from bar to dance floor to bar (there are two) and back again. Observing them is like watching a nature documentary on the Discovery Channel: Doe-like women prance and jiggle while predatory men roam in packs, flexing pecs and biceps. To maintain some form of natural order, black-clad bouncers scan the room like game wardens, searching the horizon for trouble in paradise.” After reading it, Beth response was, “It’s like whoever wrote that was there with us that night!”

Gay-for-pay – This is the best new phrase I’ve heard all year. While urbandictionary likes the more literal definition of this phrase, the meaning I learned is “two girls who are all over each other—usually on the dance floor—only for the purpose of attracting guys.” It helps to see it used in context, like when Beth said, “Did you see those two girls at Au Bar grinding up on that platform? Gay-for-pay, much?”


Anonymous said…
Weird. Gay-for-pay is how some would describe us.

Without the gay part.

Beth said…
I would like to point out that we were beautiful enough for expedited entry.
Anonymous said…
There is no doubt about that.
At any time.
Anonymous said…
Gay-for-pay!! Hahahahahaha!!

I cannot deny that I've participated in the sport before. There's something about watching the jaws of any male within 25 feet drop that makes it totally worthwhile.

Haven't done it since the one time it turned into something a little more, however. I learned my lesson there.
Beth said…
Courtney - you rock!

Jorge - we all know that you think Dave is beautiful enough for expedited entry. You are gay for Dave, but not for pay.
Beth said…
I have two more end notes to add to this posting.

1. Sarah & Dave rescued me from having to see a *huge* spider in my apartment. Anyone who knows me knows that this is the kindest thing you can do.

2. I picked up the expressed "some random" from Dave while they were visiting and, since this is the greatest expression ever, I now use it as often as possible. Like "Shalu invited some random at the bar in Seattle to her wedding" or "Some random from Thunder Bay just started talking to us on the bus."
Anonymous said…
I'm of a mixed opinion on the women dancing together to attract guys thing: on the one hand, most straight guys would be right the hell into it. On the other hand, most of those same guys would think the women were gay and just enjoy the view, not bothering to approach either one. Which, if I'm not mistook, rather defeats the purpose. And those who do approach the women (the bulk of whom, for the record, I'd bet are thinking that the women are just gay because they haven't had a good enough man yet) would more than likely hit up both at the same time rather than one or the other.
And hey, if that's your deal and that's what you're baiting for, a virtual high five from me (though on a sour note, where were you all my life?); I just don't get how it would generally draw guys to one woman or the other.
But then, hey, I can't claim to be up on the best ways to lure a man. Except for Jorge. But he's a pushover for anyone with legs like these.

COURTNEY ===> So many things to say, yet so lacking the way to say any of them...

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