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Update at 10:45pm

4:05 – We compile a list of things that we have to look forward to in the future, according to Logan’s Run: the universal popularity of pastel-coloured clothing, poor marksmanship, big fat belts, flashpot-based explosions only, big sideburns, man kimonos, Rick Springfield hair, big-assed necklaces, Connect Four-inspired décor, guns that shoot ice, and free love (especially slow-motion orgies.)

4:08 - Things of which the future will be devoid: bras, skirts that go past one’s upper thigh, musical instruments other than synthesizers (played by cats.)

4:30 – Mark and Tania arrive.

4:49 – Logan – “I’m so confused. This all made sense until Box.”
Isha – “My fucking words exactly.”

5:31 – Near the end of the movie, everyone rushes outside of one of the domed cities to find Peter Ustinov standing by a fire. They all crowd around him to see what he is all about; they’ve never seen anyone over the age of thirty before.
Mark - “Someone is standing in the fire now. This movie has continuity problems."

6:01 – The Thin Blue Line starts.

6:05 – Mark – “This movie isn’t as easy to make fun of.”

6:29 – The only period I’m really worried about is the next three hours. We’re in the midst of Thin Blue Line, which is very good but doesn’t really promote jokes or wakeful activity in general. After this, it’s Twelve Monkeys—the longest flick of the night. This will be the most grueling bit, but after that it’s gravy. Except for—you know—the whole staying awake thing.

6:58 – Witness in The Thin Blue Line – “I was coming out of a flesh club…”
Jorge – “Did he say ‘flesh club?’
All – “Yup”
Jorge – “Okay. Wasn’t sure. I mean, we thought that other guy said ‘titty book' a while back.

Twelve Monkeys – all watched, all really enjoyed. Not sure what time it started.

9:45 – pizza arrives, but we’re all engrossed in the end of Twelve Monkeys

9:55 – while inhaling pizza, we make a slight adjustment to the schedule. We switch the order of Barbarella and The Thing, in large part so that Mark can see the character with the same full name (and after whom he may have been named.) Also, because The Thing is kind of gross.

10:11pm – There are so many things about Barbarella that are bad that it’s hard to catalogue. Let’s try: Barbarella’s ship interior is fur (Jorge describes it as ‘being inside Snuffaluffagus,’ she sleeps on a bed of plastic (face down, camera beneath her), her translator is called ‘her tongue box’… do you really need sexual innuendo in a movie that gets the lead buck-ass naked every eight minutes?

10:39pm – I decide that, if I had to chose from the three futures we’ve seen so far, I’d go will the here-for-a-good-time-not-for-a-long-time-sex-o-rama future of Logan’s Run, then the dystopian nightmare/plague-ridden world of Twelve Monkeys, and lastly the entirely shag-carpeted universe of Barbarella.


Beth said…
"I mean, we thought that other guy said ‘titty book' a while back."

What did he really say?
Beth said…
Did you all fall asleep?
Anonymous said…
Beth, don't you start doing the multiple follow-up entries like Jorge does. Oh, he makes it look all glamorous and appealing, but I assure you, he's merely leading you down the primrose path. Soon enough you'll be replying to your own former messages, and that's when you truly know you've gone beyond the point of no return.

Meanwhile, since Dave's gonna be unconscious for the next 12 hours, let's trash this place Hanson-style!
Beth said…
Oh god, I'm turning into Jorge?? Ahhhhh!!! =)
Dave said…
Beth - He actually said 'ticket book.' It occured to me after I posted this entry that I was making less and less sense as the night went on, so I decided to leave off recaping eventually. I have a tiny bit I haven't posted from last night, which will be posted in a bit after I get some food in me, then I'll write a bit more about the whole she-bang late tonight.
Jorge and I stayed awake throughout. Isha had two strategic naps of no more than 40 minutes in total.

Reay - Thanks, man. You're my new moderator.
HMP said…
Wow, so you REALLY are doing this!

Thanks again so much for housing me and Nikki for awhile. We had a great time!

Hopefully, I will be able to return the favo(u)r in San Francisco...I think I will be out there for at least three months.
Anonymous said…
Yes Beth.
You can actually avoid being like me, and choose to be like Reay.

To do this, you must visit sites, and then NEVER comment.

It's great.
Jay said…
Well, as long as you saw Barbarella "do her thing!"
Anonymous said…
Don't listen to Jorge, Beth. He's just bitter because to post on his site, I've gotta sign into the system or some crap first, and since I keep forgetting what my name/password is to do that, I continue to never comment on Jorge's site.
It's become a thing I do.
... or... not, if you will.

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