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Gunther and Moe

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the newest members of clan MacDonald-McLean.

First, Gunter. We'd had our eye on this guy for about two weeks, but the hours of the Anrprior Humane Society coincided pretty much exactly to our own work hours. He was a handsome guy, described as talkative and affectionate, and frankly, we just liked the name.

He's the alpha male, or so he'd like to have you believe, but he's run off and hid like a pansy at least six times in the last two days. Oh, and he grumbles like a person. If he's pissed, you'll know it. But he's all talk. For the most part, he's a good guy. And he's also fond of giving headbutts of love.

Next is Morris, who I like to call Moe, and Sarah likes to call Snowpants. (And when we're feeling particularly witty: Moepants Snowpants.) We weren't looking for a young guy, or a long haired cat, but this guy seduced me with a look after about ten seconds. (When I first met Sarah, it took fifteen. I'm just saying.) He is the Gandhi of cats, wearing down Gunther's swats with nothing more than passive resistance. He's about four months, but very calm for a little guy.

More to come, I'm sure. I'll probably be one of those bloggers who only ever posts about their cats from here on out. I'd post a picture of the two of them together to give a sense of scale, but their relationship hasn't developed quiet that far just yet


Anonymous said…
Tell the truth: You liked the name Gunter because you are a Friends whore.

Love headbutts are the best.

Especially from Cats.

kris said…
I think we all know what is important to point out here: does Canada produce any of its own television?

Two other things:

Congrats on the cats!

And don't think you can get away without responding to our comments on your last post.
Dave said…
Don't worry, I fully intend to respond to the comments/epistles from the last post. Just now, when I've sat down to do so, I found three new comments that I have to chew on. For now, I give a huge thanks for everyone's attention, opinions, and concern, and I'll respond some time today.
Dave said…
P.S. Degrassi Junior High, as well as the new Degrassi, The Kids of Degrassi Street, and Degrassi 2: Degrassi Harder, are pretty much the only scraps of Canadian programming to ever cross our border.
kris said…
I just had to look up epistle online. I need to go take an SAT prep class again.
Anonymous said…
In Canada, our eloquence is without peer.
kris said…
I know, Jorge, but we all hope you find friends someday.
Anonymous said…

Good thing I was burned by you.

If it was anyone else, I would probably just laugh.

This hurts much more though.

Man, i feel like writing a maudlin article about turning 32 and being insulted by Kris.

Anonymous said…
Tanya like Moe's "Old man ear hair"


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