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New Monday Feature: Discuss amongst yourselves

Which is the greater work of Art: Michelangelo's Pietà or the movie Fight Club?


Anonymous said…
A better question would be:

Is it better to wait to post something? Or is it better to post something crappy and hope that people do all your dirty work for you?

Dave said…
Next week's discussion question:

Can we all agree that Jorge is the biggest douche to ever post on this site?
Beth said…
Next week's answer: Yes.
Anonymous said…
Science bitches think alike...
Next week's answer is a resounding "Oui!"
Anonymous said…
Science bitches need Right Guard!
Jorge +10!
Jay said…
Remember that douche without the bag is just a shower.

Also, since I made it through The Agony and The Exctasy, I'd have to side with Fight Club, purely for the penguin scene.
Dave said…
I think it depends on how you define art; what separates Literature from a novel or The Theatre from a play. If you define art as something that changes your world view, or at least opens you to new ideas, then for me Fight Club wins out in this regard. When I saw the Pieta, I was astounded, but I pretty immediately returned to thinking about how my feet hurt and that if I didn’t eat something soon I’d murder someone. Fight Club opened me up to new ideas: can I improve myself through self destruction? am I, in fact, owned by my possessions? can I really make napalm with orange juice and gasoline? did my Dad have sex with Edward Norton’s mom thirty someodd years ago?
Anonymous said…
Your dad did have sex with her. In DA TUB!

Seriously, why would you call Art something that changes your world view? I always looked at art as a form of expression. A glimpse into someone else's perspective.

How then, do you separate literature from a novel?

I don't know.

I suppose, too, that we each have those types of art that we'd rather not see. Things that would send us out to poke our eyes with hot sticks, just for relief.

Maybe that is art. We suffer for it...

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