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Discuss amongst yourselves - August 29th

Have you ever been kicked out of a movie theatre, either for sneaking in underage or as a result of. . . other reasons. Alanis, I'm looking at you.


Jorge said…
I've never been kicked out of a movie theatre.

A nice bar in Yorkville? Yes.

Movie theatre? No
Katie said…
Nor have I been kicked out of a movie theatre.

I believe that all those who squander their $8.00-$9.50 through drunken debauchery, cell phone use, and excessive talking, all while disturbing the movie-viewing enjoyment of others, should be shot.

That's the American way.

But sex and blow jobs in back rows. That's fine.
Dave said…
I got booted out of Body of Evidence once. Didn't help that I was seventeen and looked fourteen. Also didn't help that I asked the ticket lady, "Which one is the Madonna booby movie?"
kris said…
Never kicked out. I walked out once. In the first Matrix, when he first was covered in all that gobbly vaseline. Hated it.
Dave said…

Cancel the vaseline body scrub we were gonna get Kris for Christmas.
Jorge said…
It's just as well.
I decided to make sure that "it worked" so I tested out a little bit of it.

Next thing I knew people were paying me $2 to slide down the stairs in my house.

It was very surreal.
Omeaux said…
I was 16 and took my girlfriend to see "Crow: City of Angels" (R-rated) However, we weren't allowed in - so we got tix to the "Island of Dr. Mareou", (PG-13) and then snuck into the Crow movie.

Alas, the movie people went into Crow's theatre and started checking tickets, asking us to get in the right theatre.

I don't know if that counts as "kicked out" but it's the best I've got
Roman Polanski said…
I tried to get thrown out of a late showing of Attack of the Clones at a theatre on Chung Hua Lu by surrounding myself with cigarette butts, audibly peeing into empty king cans, and hurling egregious abuse and gales of juvenile laughter at the 'entertainment' I was offered. In vain. There couldn't have been more than six others suffering through the movie, and they were only listening to the hysterical score and reading the subtitles anyway.

I'll probably end up ripping the movie anyway.
Jacob Two-two said…
brnq said…
A sure sign of advancing age is that I can't really remember the details.

But I think my friend and I were interrogated about our ages before going to see "Summer School" with Mark Harmon and Kirstie Alley and were then confronted by the guy in the theatre but bluffed him down. Of COURSE we were old enough to see an AA film without adult accompaniment. (How old is that anyway?)

Same friend and I were later offered "Sid and Nancy" (an R movie at the tender age of 13-ish) at the video store in the Milton Mall (last time I was there it was a Moneysworth and Best shoe repair). We were so freaked out by the guy that we didn't even take him up on it.

Alas I have never done the back row snog. Now I know what I was waiting till my thirties to do...
Jorge said…
Is it just me, or does snog sound like some kind of spreadable meat product?
Dave said…
Just you.
Ghost Particle said…
about a decade ago, the cinemas used to have this huge projectors. So whenever we get the last row of seats, we like to make hand shadows. and at one time, there was this guy who complained us, and got us kicked out.
I was kicked out of seeing the third Lord of the Rings movie. My buddy kept yelling "FAGS!" at the top of his lungs whenever Sam and Frodo had one of their... moments.
Isha said…
I've never actually been kicked out of a movie theatre (in spite of the dry humping during "The Fisher King" in Grade 11), but I was stopped when I went to go see "The Silence of the Lambs" at the age of 14. I was with two large-ish guys who launched into an intense conversation in Korean, thereby scaring the bejeezus out of the hapless theatre employee who was trying to prevent me from going in. I think he thought we were Asian mafia.

Everything in Korean sounds scary. In actual fact I think my friends were just having a conversation about the weather.

Oh yes, recently the movie police made me leave my LCBO bag at the box office, to ensure that I wasn't going to be chugging back my bottles of port and Chardonnay during "March of the Penguins." Bad example for the kiddies and geriatric crowd at the matinées, you see. And they don't like it when you scream "You and your kind should be EXTINCT by now, damn it!" at the emperor penguins.
Jorge said…
Dry humping, eh?

Emperor penguins, eh?

Sounds like the kind of thing that people would pay good money for.

I will take this opoprtunity to offer to be your manager.

I'll take only 10%, as long as you let me play with the penguins.
Jay said…
Oh sure, I've been kicked out. But it ain't my fault; in my family, it's tradition.
Jorge said…
Bless you Jamie.
You make every day a chocolate cake!
jon said…
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I just stumbled onto your blog while looking. Seems to happen to me a lot since I am a knowledge mooch LOL


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