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MM9 Check In

Well, we have a movie marathon first. One of the discs skipped like crazy. Big Trouble in Little China just finished, after an elapsed running time of 28 minutes. That's what I get for buying used CDs at the pawn shop. (Testament to my fatigue: it just took me four minutes to remember the words 'pawn shop.') Not a huge deal that the disc crapped out. Right now it's just me that's awake. (And Gunther.) Everyone else is snoozing. I won't judge though -- I was in and out of consciousness throughout all of The Conjuring. That's my deadly spot, 4am to 6am. Once light starts coming in the window, I'm fine.

Fun day, but we've had better lineups for sure. I think it was Chris who said last year that "it was fun, but there wasn't as much goofing on movies as usual," which was true. Because I'd stacked MM8 full of films nobody had seen, so there was a ton of concentration involved. This year has more familiar titles, so smart-assery is up at…

Movie Marathon 9

March 22, 2014:

The Goonies - 10:00am
The Magnificent Seven - 12:09pm
Bronson - 2:47pm
The Thin Man - 4:34pm
Mystery Team - 6:26pm
American Movie - 8:33pm
Ip Man - 10:35pm
Dark City - 12:36am
Hellraiser - 2:31am
The Conjuring - 4:19am
Big Trouble in Little China - 6:26am
Gravity - 8:20am