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Celebrity Eclipse 2018 - Second Day At Sea

Another sea day so it was more of the same in the morning. Before lunch, there was family bingo at the Kids Club. Unlike the last trip where we totally cleaned up, only Teddy won a game. I have to admit that the kids weren’t super-gracious losers, and I was steamed at them in the moment. But later in the day I gathered a little perspective and put myself in their place, where it’s been two years of build up, then a day-and-a-half of wait—GO! wait—GO! between travel day and embarkation day, plus bedtimes thrown entirely out of whack – there were a lot of reasons for them not to be the best versions of themselves. By and large throughout the trip, they were good. We had a few random folks approach us at various times to say how well behaved the kids were, so let’s remember that and not the occasional descents into savagery.

After bingo and lunch, we went swimming, where some friends from the kids’ club showed up. And when I jumped into the hot-tub with my little dudes, about seven of their friends joined in and it was a kids’ club soup in there. Then it was showers, re-enrolling the kids, lazy time, and dinner. The adults had late reservations at Qzine, which is my favourite restaurant on board, so we took the kids to the buffet for their dinner, and dropped them off upstairs so we could eat.

Qzine’s angle its unique presentation style. For steak, you get the painter’s filet – a really beautifully cooked filet mignon with extras like red wine sauce and mushroom set alongside in containers resembling paint jars. Popcorn fish and chips are served bite sized in an old time movie theatre popcorn box. You place your order on an iPad. Your dessert menu is like a rubik’s cube. It’s quirky, and you’ll hate it or love it. I love it. Sarah’s dad: not so much. “I like the food, I just wish they could forget all this other nonsense.” (That makes him sound crabbier than he is. He was smiling when he said it.) Sadly, menu items have changed a bit over the years. The first time we went, they served these sliders made of kobe beef which where the best damn hamburgers I have ever had in my entire life. Every time since, the sliders have been sirloin. And every time before this visit, they served a sushi lollipop rolled in Dorito crumbs, but now that’s gone. So it was a good meal, but I was a little bummed about my lollipop. On top of that, we had WAY too much food – we ordered what seemed like a sensible number of portions, but because there were four of us they doubled all the portions. So I walked out fat. (Who’s kidding who? It was the third day of cruise food: I was plenty fat when I walked in.)


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Menopause-Themed Slot Machines = Awesome

We sleep in a little, then leave our bags with the bell desk and check out. Hauling ass to Cravings (the buffet at Mirage), we get there two minutes after the lunch prices come into play, but the cashier is a sweetheart and gives us breakfast prices anyways. There’s mediocre sushi, very good Chinese, and decent Italian, plus breakfast items which we avoid like the plague. After this, we head through Harrah’s and catch the monorail heading South. Having rocked the entire North end of the strip the day before, this last day is our chance to show the South end a good time, and not call it in the morning.

Popping into MGM, we have a second crack at Studio City. This time, it’s a preview for an animated show called Creature Comforts. Basic premise: the producers have gone out and interviewed everyday peeps on topics like Keeping Secrets, Health, Sexuality, etc. While the audio remains intact, in place of the actual speakers are claymation sequences featuring animals as the speakers. …

Sarah's List -- 101 things to do in Ottawa and area (in 1001)

Sarah here...I'm once again hijacking Dave's blog, this time to publish a list of my own.

The backstory: I have been feeling like an underachiever for not having my own 1001 list, goal-oriented nerd that I am. When I realized that I would likely be doing most of Dave's tasks along with him, I changed my mind. I decided to put a slight twist on the 101 in 1001 concept; this list will certainly force us to discover our new home town.

I'm posting this here for two reasons:
a) because I have no website of my own, yet want to feel a bit of pressure to finish these tasks.
b) Dave will be involved in all of them, so it's only fair! March 15, 2008, I (well, we) aim to do the following:

41 things to do in Ottawa and area (in 113)
UPDATED: November 25, 2007

1. Visit the Canada and the World Pavillion [done 25/06/05 -- good thing, too, as it's closing in October 2005]
2. Visit the Diefenbunker [done 22/10/05 -- and it was AWESOME. Blaine (and JWo) will be our next targets…

Rainy day discount? It’s Vancouver! Why don’t they just call it a sunshine tax?

On Thursday, we continued the lazy late-afternoon starts that have become our habit. It was rainy (in Vancouver? Crazy talk, I know,) so we opted for something indoorsy: the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. It’s a beautiful structure, and just so happened to be featured in the ‘Ten Hot-Shit Architectural Structures’ article we read in our Air Canada magazine on the way over. Had I a brain, I would have brought the USB cord to my camera and saved myself from stupid, time-consuming description—but then I remembered that there’s this crazy thing called the internet, and I don’t have to do nothin’! Photos of the museum can be found here, here, and here (warning for you poor bastards on dial up: this last one’s a big-un). Highlights included a live carving display by artist-in-residence Lyle Wilson, the visible storage (rather than mothballing most of the collection, the museum keeps things open to the public and students through a system of drawers and glass cabinetry), and The Raven…