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New York 2017 - Day 5

We had a late afternoon flight back home, which gave us an extra half day in New York. We took the subway to Greenwich Village and went on a little eating tour that Sarah found online. First stop was Mamoun's Falafal, where was totally solid. We ate outside and walked around a little, discovering that the Comedy Cellar is literally right next door, and about two doors down is Cafe Wha? where I load of famous musicians (Dylan, Hendrix) hung out and/or were discovered back in the day. I think Artichoke Pizza was next on the list, but it was either rammed with tourist or not distinct enough for me to remember it in any way. We definitely did go to Bantum Bagels which was effin' delicious. (They're basically mini stuffed bagels, and you grab a mix and match pack of flavours: cinnamon bun, hot pretzel, raspberry, cookies and milk, etc). I remember being in a bad mood on the way in for some reason, and I was 100% unenthused about the idea of bagel bites, but holy cow and hot damn if they're weren't one of the best things we ate on the trip. We also may or may not have gone to Molly's Cupcakes. Sorry, it's just that all other food that day lived in the enormous shadow of Bantum Bagels.

Throughout the foot tour we walked around to see some of the famous buildings in the area. We saw the Friends apartment building (way smaller than you'd think but instantly recognizable). We also checked out a block of brownstones, one of which was the Cosby house but it was unclear which. And we walked by 75½ Bedford Street which is this famous, ridiculously narrow building where Edna St. Vincent Millay lived once upon a time. We also went over to Washington Square Park, where we listened to buskers and creepily people-watched before heading back near the hotel. Lunch was a really good prix fixe meal at Yum Yum Thai. Then we got our bags from the hotel, caught a cab through horrible crosstown traffic, and flew home.

Amazing trip, start to finish. We packed a lot in those few days, and I know there's things I'm omitting. Thank you to Sarah for the superior planning. Thank you to her parents for watching our savage children. Thank you to New York for being awesome. And thanks Lin for the surprise visit.


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