Sunday, March 04, 2012

MM7 - late into it

So we've lived this year mostly offline.  It's been freeing.  We've been diligent about the pictures and the movies, and it'll all be posted eventually, but we're* not aiming for real time updates this go around.  It's been a pretty good lineup so far.  One of the best, I think, but too early to name it The Best just yet.  Unforgiven was brilliant.  Robocop was shockingly violent, just as Mark promised.  Black Dynamite was far and away the best movie of the year.  When We Were Kings was good, but as Rebecca succinctly put it, "Our takeaway from WWWK was that George Plimpton was a pretentious twerp. And that Ali talks an awful lot."  Wet Hot American Summer was -- I want to say the worst of the lot, but it wasn't a bad movie, just odd.  Thrown together.  Like one of our fan films run way long.  Hanna came next.  No problems with that one.  (Yes, I'm aware these aren't the most insightful of film critiques, but I've about twelve drinks in and I've been watching movies for over sixteen hours, so get off my back.)  Bring It On was awesome, and I'm happy to have brought that to a few people who hadn't seen it.  Attack the Block started way too incomprehensibly accented -- until I acclimatized, then it played strong.  We're on to Dead Alive now.  It's currently just me and Jorge hanging it.  We lost a slew of folks sometime after Bring it On.  Still in the house now, Sarah's up in bed, Shelley's asleep on the floor, and Rebecca -- is awake!  Turns out she wasn't sleeping, she just doesn't want to see a bunch of zombies chew up a bunch of people. 

Anyways, enjoying myself.  Probably more later.  I suspect I'm going to be a little lonesome before too long.

*When I say we, I mean Jorge.  He does all the heavy lifting online.

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