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Oh, right – momentum. Yeah, I blew that resolution as fast as damn possible, but if it’s any consolation I blew all my resolutions. Huge. But my plan is to reboot as of today. There are two big mistakes I always make when I commit to something. First, if I fail for even a day, I immediately throw up my hands, say fuck it, and forget about even trying again. Second, if I pick a start date that’s some time in the future, I’ll squeeze in as much as that behavior I’m trying to avoid as humanly possible between now and then. (The ‘behaviours to avoid’ almost always involve sloth and gluttony, FYI). So anyway: here we are again, trying to get a routine going.

What’s really great, and what this post is really about, is that 2010 seems to be the year the bloggers came back. They all didn’t go away, obviously. Some continue to be pro-stars; some haven’t stopped blogging since the day they started. (A wise eye will see that those first two links go to the same great site.) But the majority of the folks I followed with real regularity became… irregular over the past few years. Now, Jorge is writing up a storm (on multiple sites, even), Kris has put up a truckload of posts, Rebecca is back at it, and even Jay is posting again (although I consider her latest both NSFW and NSFH.) Doppelganger’s back too, which I find especially noteworthy as she’s posted more in the first month of 2010 then all of 2009. It’s like the old days. I feel like we’re all a bunch of retired musicians who’ve come back and put on a festival for our old fans. Welcome to the Monsters of Classic Blog.


Beth said…
Aww, shucks. You are making me *blush*!

If we are a bunch of retired musicians, I think that means I'm the one who continued to slog away at shows in Vegas in order to support my raging shoe habit. I hope I'm invited to play at the festival.
Dave said…
No way, man. You're like Green Day: incredible career, still relevant, still good at what you do. But also, you owe us a rock opera is what I'm saying.
Beth said…
Can it be a rock opera about hot hockey players and funny things I saw on the internets? Because they say you should write what you know, is all I'm saying.

Also, my word verification is "prothed". Which is also now going to be my band's name.
Lorna said…
i am totally impressed by how much UGG courts you
Rebecca said…
If we're going to be retired musicians, can I be the one who lapses into Gord Downie-like stream-of-conscious monologues about cataloguing and open-source library systems in the middle of our songs? I mean, I've been doing it a lot in real life lately, so I might as well incorporate it into our music.

And can my band be called "Butis" which is my word verification?
Christopher said…
Dave, I would like to hear your thoughts about the revolutionary fashion statement that is Ugg Boots. I am sure you have much to say about such an important topic, and I hope that you find time in your busy blogging schedule to write a bit about the most important development to hit Paris runways since the piano key necktie.
Hey jerk, thanks for mentioning me in your post. You know I blog every day, too.



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