Friday, September 25, 2009

Damn, this kid travels like a champ

Well, Teddy had his first flight today -- a five hour flight at that. And he was completely awesome. Absolutely no problems through the take-off or landing. He got a tiny bit cranky near the end, but we did happen to be flying over Calgary at that moment, so draw your own conclusions there. And his superstar behavior didn't end with the flight. With the three hour time difference, we really wanted to keep him up later than usual, and get him used to this crazy west coast time ASAP. Well, the little dude managed to stay awake until 7pm Pacific, which is wicked because his bedtime back home is 7pm.

Anyhow, I'm back in Vancouver for the first time in three years and things are pretty much as I left them. BC beers still make me sexy, I'm still the Mayor of Gastown, and saki probably still tastes like butane (I have no desire to reconfirm this fact). The first thing I'm always struck with when I land here is how subtely different it looks. There's something about the architecture, or the vegetation, or the basic city layouts... I don't know. If I was smart, I could put my finger on exactly what it was that strikes me as so different, but you and I know that I'm just not smart. Let me put it this way: driving through Vancouver seems a hell of a lot more foriegn to me than driving through Auckland did -- which says as much about Auckland as it does about Vancouver.

Beth and Tod have dropped by our hotel, and now they've gone out with Sarah to grab some food. I was strangely insistant that I would hold the fort here with the snoozing Tedster, even though I'm hungry enough to eat at least half the keys off this keyboard. They're going to bring me back some kind of delicious hippie food, and goddamn it I tell you right now, if I find out it wasn't made by hippies, Hulk will be very angry. If it was made by norms or straights or whatever the hell they're calling us these days... if it doesn't taste like unkempt beard, well then I'm just not gonna eat it.

Also, in honour of seeing Beth today (and it true Beth style), I was going to post a picture of what I'm wearing today -- and I did just take a few pictures with the intention of doing so. Sadly, the shirt I'm wearing has horizontal stripes... and even sucking in... well, let me just say: brother's looking a little obese today.


Anonymous said...

Good job, Teddy. What a great traveler. Pictures are great daddy.

Beth said...

It was soooo great seeing you guys this weekend! Teddy is soooooo adorable!

I miss you guys already! Hope you are enjoying your last day in Vancouver and have a great cruise!