Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Four Reasons Why Dodgeball Is Awesome

  • You play a series of games in a session and a game probably only lasts three to five minutes. So if you play a shit game, that doesn’t matter because it’ll be over soon and the next game might be glorious. For example, today we played several shit games in a row. At one point, we were losing two to five. What followed was glorious game after glorious game, and by the end of the night we won six to five. Rock.
  • Chances are that every single player will have at least one superstar moment. Whereas in soccer or basketball, where you have you couple of star players that get all the glory, in dodgeball even your weakest, nothing-but-heart player can save a game or even an entire night with one good catch.
  • You get to throw an object as hard as you can at another person, and that’s totally okay.
  • I’m pretty good at it

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