Thursday, March 06, 2008

Movie Marathon 2008

It's surprising that I haven't written about this at all, seeing as it starts in about 30 hours. It's mostly because I wrote this to death last year, but also because I've been very busy since we got back. This year is going to be a bigger, louder, more viscous affair. We have a projector (thanks, Work!), surround sound (thanks, Joe!), and twelve fairly kick ass movies. The schedule goes:

9:00am - Bloodsport
10:32am - Raising Arizona
12:50pm - Casablanca
2:47pm - Holes
4:57pm - Grey Gardens
7:52pm - The Warriors
9:25pm - Cube
11:10am - Hard Candy
1:09am - Suspiria
4:02am - Sunshine
6:00am - Footloose
7:58am - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

(And yes, your definition and my definition of "kick ass" might differ slightly.)

There'll be no webcam this year, and no Messenger action, but I'll be Twittering up a storm though, and Jorge will be live-blogging it. And we'll offer up the same A.V. fandango as last year, too.

Wish us luck. See you Saturday.


Beth said...

Is there a particular reason that the majority of these movies have one word titles? You know what else has a one word title?


I'm just saying.

Rebecca said...

Jorge has been hasslin' me to come, but due to my co-manager breaking a limb and not being able to work, I'm all by my lonesome tomorrow. So, many apologies for not making it AGAIN this year.

Grey Gardens? Cool. Hardy Candy? Someone must record the male reaction to various parts of this awesome flick. Footloose? Man, I totally regret not being able to go!