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Dt-dt-dt on your mobile phone

Okay, so I’ve been away from this project for a while. But I intend to finish what I started. (Total side note: I was thinking the other day about what a person would have to go through if one day they decided to finish everything they’d ever started. Every home reno project that had been half-assed, any race never finished or diet not seen to completion, every fistfight that was broken up, every relationship that was thwarted. I’m releasing that idea out into the ether. If anyone wants to script a rip-off of My Name is Earl, there’s your story basis right there.)

Change Four: Keep in Touch With People More

I go through cycles of being really good at this and pretty bad at this. I’m currently in a bad cycle that seems like it’s gone on for years. For those of you who this applies to—and you know who you are—it’s not something I do because of apathy or because I’m a jerk or because I want you to call me first, I’m just the type of guy who puts things off. “I have to call Brady tomorrow. I need to write Shelley this week.” Then I get sidetracked, and a day turns into a week, a week becomes a month, a month becomes three, and eventually the weight of it becomes too much. Now, not only do I have to recap the last year of my life, I also have to account for why I haven’t kept in touch all this time.

I was much better at this when I kept up my to-do list. As I said, something about having it on paper made me take it that much more seriously. Of course I’d still put these calls and e-mails off, but I’d put them off for a week, not fifty-two of them. For the record, I have been maintaining these to-do lists on and off since January. But until now, I haven’t added anyone under the To Call heading, because that would mean I’d actually have to do it.


Shelley said…
Dude, no guilt: I too drop off the planet like there's no gravity...

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