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Rainy day discount? It’s Vancouver! Why don’t they just call it a sunshine tax?

On Thursday, we continued the lazy late-afternoon starts that have become our habit. It was rainy (in Vancouver? Crazy talk, I know,) so we opted for something indoorsy: the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. It’s a beautiful structure, and just so happened to be featured in the ‘Ten Hot-Shit Architectural Structures’ article we read in our Air Canada magazine on the way over. Had I a brain, I would have brought the USB cord to my camera and saved myself from stupid, time-consuming description—but then I remembered that there’s this crazy thing called the internet, and I don’t have to do nothin’! Photos of the museum can be found here, here, and here (warning for you poor bastards on dial up: this last one’s a big-un). Highlights included a live carving display by artist-in-residence Lyle Wilson, the visible storage (rather than mothballing most of the collection, the museum keeps things open to the public and students through a system of drawers and glass cabinetry), and The Raven and the First Men (which can also be found on the back of a twenty dollar bill.

Later than night, we ended up at Nevermind Beth’s haunt for watching her beloved/despised Canucks. Like the night before, it was a great game to watch, but it ended with the breaking of Canucks fan hearts everywhere. I think it’s also worthy mentioning that Nevermind’s motto is “Good Times in Your Mouth,” which in my mind is bested only by the motto for Stooley’s in Kingston: “Not Just a Bar but a Way of Life.” wuh?

The next day, once we were up and about, Friday began at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Because it was an overcast, slightly rainy day, our tickets came at a discount. This also caused Beth to utter my favourite line of the day (see the title of this post). The bridge—amazing while disappointingly unrickety—spans more than two hundred feet above the Capilano River. After crossing that, we went into the rainforest itself and experienced the Treetop Adventure—which involves a series of smaller bridges that take you high above the forest floor. After this, we drove a short distance to Lynn Canyon which has a smaller suspension bridge but a much larger nature walk. We took a random path that brought us through 3 kilometers of forest and up 17,000 stairs. Hopped up on endorphins and Suspension Bridges, we felt we’d earned a drink.

Back at Beth’s we broke out an old drinking game that Sarah used to play in University called Ride the Bus. I bring this up because it was during the game that I coined a new swear word, one that we suspect has caught on like wildfire in Vancouver in only the sixteen hours since it was first uttered: fucksocks. Originally said with a combination of anger and despair (fucksocks!), this versatile new swear fits almost any emotion: Joy (Fucksocks, did we ever kill that penalty!), Fear (Fucksocks! That car almost hit me!), Passion (Fucksocks, that was some good sex!) Tell your friends; spread the word.

For dinner, we gorged ourselves at an awesome Japanese place called The Eatery. It’s a little bit sushi, a little bit rock and roll. (You’ve got to love a place that has a painting of Astroboy fighting Wolverine--and frankly, they had me at Astroboy.) Great place; couldn’t recommend it more. From there, we met up with some of Beth’s friends at a karaoke bar called Fantacity, which provides private rooms and lets you make a jackass of yourself in front of just your closest friends. Beth went from stating “I will not being singing any karaoke” to both singing and busting a move to “Dancing Queen” in the space of about eight minutes, I hurt my throat to “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?”, and Sarah knocked “Alone” out of the park, but also confounded the younger kids we were with who were all Heart who?1985 what?

We finished off the night at Au Bar where people who were not me danced up on the risers. Wicked. Then on the way home, Sarah and I got in a scrap about something totally inconsequential, which I became extremely obstinate over, and the fight ended the only way it could: with the sweet bliss of our both passing out.


Jorge said…
Fucksocks, that was an awesome entry.

(See? I learn quick!)

Sounds like good times.
I recommend that you remember how to play that drinking game when we are alone in the woods with our friends in the summer.

Courtney-O said…
Ahhh, I love fights caused by complete alcoholic delirium.

It sounds like you guys are having a blast, and I'm glad to hear you haven't murdered any "fucksocking" hippies yet.

J Wo said…
Have you visited Deluxe Moderne Burger yet?

I agree, Memphis Blues is a great BBQ place...
Barry said…
Fucksocks, can I use that for our next GUY album? Just wondering.

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